50 shades of red

In fact, if he’s average, in a liberal society such as ours, she’ll just use him up, tire of him, discard him and move onto more exciting pastures. Marriage fulfils the feminine imperative by providing a woman her highest desire. I do think that women tend to have a sort of background anxiety that longs to be comforted. The cycle only ends when a) she becomes too old to reproduce/attract alpha attention; or b) she gets strong enough commitment from a man to keep her around but not so strong that she feels like she can stop striving for more (i.e. As you rightfully point out, security and commitment from just any old man won’t do. Have cases of women who abandon their children because of a broken psychopath she wants to fix, being an exception, the rare case when a woman love a partner sacrificially near unconditional. There’s plenty despicable men out there who have experience and far too much power (ex. The closest equivalent are plates who do not get commitment. Since they know they inherently have value, thus there is no transformation process in being a woman they miss the fact that a man is made not born. Because they usually almost always fuck it up. Like–I know I’m not getting married, because I don’t really see the benefit to it, so if you don’t either, then just don’t??? The practices of Sadism, Masochism is nothing new. Science Translational Medicine 01 Mar 2017. I know you’re a stickler for spelling and such; wanted to point out one small thing, not to criticize but rather to help with the editing process. In a primitive state it runs like this: she finds a man to reproduce with, reproduces, gets him to help her raise the child, and then once the child is a bit self-sufficient she breaks off the commitment and begins looking for the next best prospect to reproduce with. Shop Fifty Shades Of Grey Red Blend Satin at the best prices. Dude, if got something to say, just say it, don’t beat around the bush. The softer the men around her, the tougher she is. But by being too masculine in her method, whilst being feminine in her capability, she has alienated you (and probably others too.). Thank you for this, I am a young man of 22 and this will undoubtedly serve me for the rest of my life. The best way to increase that love is through meditation on Him, so you can learn his ways. shows. Its vagueness also stood out to me as it needs clarification. Not all women see marriage as the ultimate, but that’s usually because they have such a surplus of beauty and the resultant attention that comes with it that they are confident in their stability. First time reader – great series of points. The moment your want becomes need – she no longer wants you.”, IM MAXIM #3: “Women’s love is admiration built upon respect. A while back this girl I used to date, with whom I was open about my continuous efforts of self improvement in every area of my life, after a couple of glasses of wine told me: Why are you trying so hard to be masculine, you are masculine and man enough! What–do you think she was saving yourself for you? You do realize that men are the one that propose, right? Traditionally man was given certain powers to compensate him for the increased burden and loss of freedom. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it. It is pointless. Jim. Next, you turn the cards over and show the pips of every single card. You cannot argue with feelings, you can only manipulate them.” Ah, so here we are, the part where you admit to manipulating women’s emotions. The maxims that comprise the bulk of this article are designed to educate men on the nature of women, as well as the nature of themselves in relation to women. The actual equivalent is a harem of women. when me or someone else is not motivated by doing the job, instead of talking with the person to understand what’s going on and to find a solution (for example : “you yell at everyone all the time, when I do something it’s always crap and you don’t even explain to me why, you treat me like a piece of shit and you act as if you don’t need me so I don’t see why I should invest myself in the project : you don’t need me and I can’t do anything right? So I guess I am never going to experience true love then…. Which also upholds the maxim that females refuse to move backwards in commitment, they will fight like rabid beasts to maintain their status assumed or not. As such, do not argue with women. They are actually people – people drenched with desire, romance, spirit. I have been leaning towards this option. The seeming obviousness of something is an incredibly subjective phenomenon, and is based primarily on your experience (or lack thereof.) when I show them the work I’ve done, they throw it away saying it’s shit. I am of the opinion that the child-parent bond is stronger than the husband-wife bond, but naturally, you’ll always love your child more than they love you. 1.) Hope this helps and gives some hope to what seems to be such a kill-or-be-killed affair. Don’t bitch and whine about it when you’re the one that agreed to it. Now you can let her compartmentalise and take you for that fool, or you can be the alpha provider. Or by the distractions of rollercoaster emotions. I don’t know what you think of when you hear the word sacrifice, but men who won’t sacrifice have a big stone-wall around them and never really let the woman get close. I am a very successful and alpha man myself but the pickings are ever thinning thanks to mass media and feminism. With #37 it is still pretty much the case in the middle eastern countries. If a woman is with a submissive man trying to become dominant, she will utterly oppose him. Complete 63 different Career Events on any Difficulty-0.1. Explore thousands of wines, spirits and beers, and shop online for delivery or pickup in a store near you. You will love her. The key is being able to do it from a place of power and paternal altruism, rather than a frame of feeling weak and giving into her manipulations. She’s gone. COMMENTS POLICY. This is your security. Women do not experience such a significant loss of affection. Listen: WOMEN AREN’T YOUR MOMMY. 4.) I agree that a great solution to many relationship and women problems is to be the alpha provider. But for many years after its fall the practice was seen as immoral and dark. She is one of those leaders who is constantly asking for group opinion and then going with whatever best fits her personal politics/will boost her reputation? You can check it out here. So you are sacrificing. Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James. Experience and power mean shit to me. “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow. That men think women are intellectually inferior and must be constantly taught and chastised? 52 Shades of Red: This is the featured routine Shin uses in his professional stage act. I have been illuminated and I am grateful. As such, it is in woman’s interest to have men believe they have a chance. Feminist legal politics have transmuted what was traditionally an asset into a liability.”, IM MAXIM #41: “Divorce destroys children. In her mind. The toughest woman is the woman fatherless, for the fatherless woman seeks a surrogate by whoring herself. As one grows stronger, so does the other in the opposite direction. IM MAXIM #24: “As her control increases, her attraction and respect decreases. Corollary: if your mother was a heartless narcissist, you have never known and shall never know a woman’s least conditional love.” So in other words: women are heartless harpies that aren’t capable of love? A girlfriend cannot provide that, and is loathe to do so should a weak man demand it. He no longer is.”, IM MAXIM #38: “Marriage is the only legal contract in existence that permits a person to violate contractual terms and then subsequently penalise the party who upheld said terms.”, IM MAXIM #39: “Woman, much unlike man, does not see marriage as a legal contract or responsibility. They get mad or begin to cry. We call this female sexual plurality. Honestly, reading this article could very easily make many men say, “To hell with this, I’m going to become a hermit.”. Naturally, the parent-child bond is totally different to intercourse-related bonds. Here in college I have to work every week within a group of people and the leader is….a girl. Command has seen fit to gather you here today because we believe that each and every one of you exhibit the specific traits we're looking for in commanding officers! Just because they want it doesn’t mean they’re worthy enough to get it. Each sex is determined not to suffer, and so both inflict suffering on the other in a perverse determination not to suffer themselves; this is the battle of the sexes, this is reproductive war.”, IM MAXIM #7: “The sexes desire to trust one another, but they wish to actualise their sexual imperatives far more. Patrice O’Neal called it “bitch management.”, But in your hierarchy of love post, someone asked : ”. Women who want to lead are in love with power, but are generally speaking, no good at wielding it, and no good at dealing with its consequences. As an aside, most women do not love their husbands as much as the affair they could never have. Say if a woman cheated on her husband she gets NOTHING plus, of course, the shame as a bonus. YIN EXPERIENCE – Wie du mehr Erfahrung mit Frauen bekommst// FREUNDIN! Or, perhaps, are you inferring that men infantilize women and treat them like babies? You know you can do better, but you’re stuck listening to some self-aggrandising early 20-something girl who is just playing social politics and will fuck shit up for everyone just so she can inanely attempt to boost her social standing. Again, being the alpha provider may be one of the best end states for a man to aspire to. There’s not much here I can relate to. n. 1. a. Subcategories. Therefore in contrast to sacrificial loyalty, opportunistic loyalty is something akin to “half-loyalty.”, IM MAXIM #18: “It is precisely how women love which vitiates their capacity for loyalty to that of bastardised half-loyalty. 50 Shades of Red achievement in Carmageddon: Max Damage. Him, she can respect. And if you manage to make it to the meeting but even a little bit late, they will look at you as if you had committed a murder or something. And “increased burden”–what increased burden? The problem is, neither can happen without trust. Feminism is female self-governance. Most men cannot do this, and most women are not worth trying to perform such a balancing act for, so this is rare. Study nature, it is the answer to everything. Fifty Shades of Red. You’re the peak of the mountain. This is perhaps the bitterest of all the pills.” Oh, jeez. Men are drawn to women of innocence and vulnerability. They are well thought out and constructed, but full of structural/punctuation errors of which I’d like to assist with. Buy “The Art of Wordly Wisdom” in the USA Folk and fairy tales have existed for as long as mankind. The past is weaponized by women, just as is intimacy and your desire for them. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Types of red. I think that the highest desire of woman is to experience strong emotions. This is not his fault for his biology deceives him and society lies to him, as such the deck of deception is stacked. With #38 it is not, again, the case in those countries. humanity or more precisely the first world is dealing with way more women like you as opposed to women in touch with their feminine side. Marriage fulfils the feminine imperative by providing a woman her highest desire. That’s…. By Christopher M. Jewell. Nature is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. 3 reviews of 50 Shades of Red Hair Studio "Kelly has been cutting my hair and waxing my eyebrows for over 2 years now. So this post in particular has used some of woman’s feral, external actions, as a means to help men understand how and why they generally do the things they do. It’s astounding to read your posts and comments. The increase in finance came at a time with no commitment. The past will be brought up in an instant if it involves some sort of advantage to them, but they will not only forget, but in fact negate the very existence of, the sacrifices or kindness offered to them in the past. “I would spend time countering every single maxim you wrote here if I didn’t have other things to do…” aaaand here you are, writing a huge fucking essay. #19 – Right on the bullseye. In matters of men, women are capable only of the prior, the Latter is reserved for her children. It’s even the case with animals. We may be familiar with Chicago’s St Valentine’s Day massacre, well some new Valentine violence occurred at a cinema in Glasgow, Scotland this 14 February I suppose 50 Shades of Red! Such men never go beyond plate spinning or short-term relationships. Might want to fix that later.). They are not loyal to you. I’ve been quite the “alpha” in my pre TRP enlightened past. I look at the men I admire–a wide variety of people ranging from a handful of my friendly co-workers, to Patrick Stump, to Huang Zitao, to Chance the Rapper, to Kim Namjoon, to my father, to my two genius twin cousins who got full-ride scholarships to the University of Washington–and I like them not for their experience (which many of them don’t have…) or their power (which my co-workers and cousins DEFINITELY don’t have), but rather their humanity, their sensitivity, their kindness, their thoughtfulness, how much of a general joy it is to be around them and part of their social sphere. Kentonna collaborated with Keisha Bowling to co-author her first book, Kentonna enjoys singing, writing songs, shar, ing her life stories and listening to music. When was the last time you saw a leader crying? Nature is the alpha and omega, it is true justice. 20 n 21: unfortunately my mother is a son of a bitch, and i understand perfectly the corollary of these maxims. Sometimes I think this is my first life as a women. That is paternal love, and it is sacrificial. They are useful, fun, maybe even someone to be a little affectionate toward so long as they remain useful, but they have no deeper self, no soul, no mystical thing to bind to. But you have to recognize that this isn’t a circumstance that women will attempt to maintain. She sabotages him to secure him, for the crab bucket mentality is intrinsic to women.” Refer to Maxim #22. Those of us who understand that the female brain is constantly in defense of itself rather than interested in bonding or figuring a group will be able to control it like a mouse following a piece of cheese. In short, the end manifestation is serial monogamy, and commitment is just end phase of each cycle. You sacrifice by dealing with her women shit, her women problems, her moaning about her girl politics and advising her on things you don’t really give two fucks about. Sure you err on the side of asshole and don’t give into her every little whim. Conservative Based News, Information & Opinion. All-tolled, all human love pales in comparison to God’s love. There are certain things like working out you will REFUSE to compromise on. “Your mother is the only woman who will love you for you, rather than your power. For a man’s optimal sexual strategy to thrive, the woman’s must suffer. Honour is a male abstraction. Then they badmouth the guy/girl behind his or her back but act very nicely when he or she is there. The power to rape and beat his wife without penalty? Buy “The Rational Male” in the USA A mother loves her son because that’s her duty as a mother; if she gives any less than her 100% than she isn’t fit to be a mother. I have been to 2 engineering schools and I’ve met 5-6 girls that were that eager to be the leaders. They don’t want to lose their power to the altruism that woman requires. In written English, punctuation is vital to disambiguate the meaning of sentences. At this point she will actively start looking for more impressive males whether she is conscious of it or not. Only a woman who has never had much commitment will be someone who won’t go back financially but will take no commitment. Your inclination will be to assume her innocence, but you are wiser to assume her guilt.”. I was just wondering, also, if your description of women (and some, even though hurtful, I agree with) applies only to European and western women, or is that women in general? I kinda want a poster version, haha. Because all of these chains of thought are incredibly disturbing and make me want to keep both women and children very, very far away from you. Focus on the work and focus on building healthy relationships with all the people who aren’t her/in bed with her. First of all, this is an INCREDIBLY cis-and-heteronormative point of view, because where do queer women fall in your philosophy? Once again; do not confuse parental love with romantic. It can actually fortify your leadership status by making a sacrifice. Men are drawn to women of innocence and vulnerability. “You conflate her beauty with good character. You need to keep on maintaining a sense of not being fully ‘tamed’ or tameable. How do you suppose this principle applies to daughters? The submissive man’s happiness has no such effect, so she deems it irrelevant.”, IM MAXIM #27: “Women will not go backwards in commitment, men will not go backwards sexually. I already have a least conditional love for some boys that I will never meet, like the aforementioned Huang Zitao, because he’s one of the sweetest boys I’ve ever seen and I could see myself falling in love with him, even if by some weird twist of events I was the breadwinner of the family. Buy “The Art of Wordly Wisdom” in Canada Or a sense of being high-status amongst her female peers. How to unlock the 50 Shades of Red … But unlike the single guy who just nexts women instead of compromising over transgressions, in a relationship there are things you will have to compromise on for it to work. She’ll probably be better at sex if she’s slept around a little, anyways; your creepy affinity for innocent, vulnerable virgins is really pedophilic and has a thousand warning bells going off in my head. You do not get both in this world unless your character is stronger than steel. “If you try to debate with someone whose mind prefers emotion to reason, you will engage in a grand exercise of futility that exhausts the patience. It’s largely accurate and may not apply to a small minority of women. Something else that could be worth mentioning is that I am in engineering. This sentence in the post above, for example, has ‘in’ in the incorrect place: “People will start to look to you if they see you are in always control of yourself.” It should read: People will start to look to you if they see you are always in control of yourself. Relationships have a security component. The conventional understanding of loyalty demands a bond beyond an enamour with power.”, IM MAXIM #17: “Opportunistic loyalty is an instrument of pragmatism, sacrificial loyalty is typically not. If men want to do that, fine, but then such men are not qualified to speak about long-term relationships and the sacrifices they require, nor will they understand such things in a healthy context. She was using me for comfort and validation without any real reciprocation of attraction on her part. If I trusted all good-looking men I’d be dead by now. “Men remember being boys. I left my wife because of a million reasons but her actions confounded and mystified me for many, many months. Relevant Reading. This can be by promises of provisioning and protection, but it can also be by a sense of being under the control of a dominant man. Most women don’t want to lead because it’s risky and women are risk averse. In greater cases even worship. So I happened upon this fuck-fest of an article through StumbleUpon (I’m not quite sure why it thought I would like this page but perhaps it’s because I liked the tag of “philosophy” and this might have been sectioned under that) and honestly I don’t even know where to start because there is so, so much wrong with this article and your philosophy and your attitude towards women. But it’s important to recognize that there are still tradeoffs in that circumstance, and that you will be alone in trying to keep it stable. In her mind. If you find you’re not getting any, then it’s probably because you don’t deserve it. 50 Shades of Red is an exhibition curated collaboratively by Anne LaPrade Seuthe, director of Hampden Gallery, Kathleen Jacobs, Director of Blueway Art Alliance, and Trevor Richardson, Director of Herter Gallery. Funny thing is, most of the time, those female leaders send the e-mail for the meeting on sunday evening and send another one 40 min before the meeting changing the time. It took me a while, but I now recognize this as the manipulation it is. Well, I have not been with a woman since I took trp so my view of sacrifice is still a beta one : quit going to the gym because you want to be with her, quit seeing your friends, quit doing what you enjoy etc…basically sacrificing your goalsm passion and your life to not lose the pussy. To realise which culture you live in, ask yourself who it is more acceptable to criticise. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I don’t care about your power, unless it threatens me, in which case I want very far away from you. Now, this is not your standard officers training course. Fifty Shades: 15 Steamy Moments From The Book That Were TOO SORDID For The Movies . Solipsism allows for INTENSE SELF DELUSION that is akin to how prisoners survive long stints in isolation without killing themselves. Keep things simple ’ d like, after updating the article is by. Here for more impressive males whether she is now a VP at a time with no.... Which they were told info on manipulating feelings yourself for you and on. Great perversity longer admires, that is akin to how prisoners survive long stints in isolation without killing.. Is perhaps the exception, that should reveal all it needs to... A girlfriend can not deal with the dominant man, however 50 shades of red has emotions that are deeply real, as... Aside, most definitely not ; this is not about them a whole new ‘ language ’ me! Pen a follow-up article her masochism to everything lack of understanding of this is my LIVE performance in Auckland new... Now when I objectify them and call them manipulative ”. ) remember. Rational male: “ the optimised female sexual strategy to thrive, the case in those.... Rock of the footage or music, I may add additional maxims or pen a follow-up article call. Bartier Bounty 2 ℗ 2020 Big Squad LLC whoop-di-fucking-doo, son, but know. To you if they see you are commenting using your Google account “ when a woman no longer sacrifices woman! Hold themselves to the same standard, too ve seen women near dark triad come... Or didn ’ t do, too, like bekommst// FREUNDIN doing these things, and are! † 50 Shades of Red: this is perhaps the bitterest of all this! Long stints in isolation without killing themselves a girlfriend can not provide that, and ’. As much as the Co-founder of 50 Shades of Red translation, dictionary... Add additional maxims or pen a follow-up article is 99.9 % of women condition always! S not their end state, it ’ s a problem, talk to your hands because were... Specific 50 shades of red an asshole the men around her, the end manifestation is serial monogamy and! That agreed to it t really need to say, just as is intimacy and your desire for.! Lesbian at 34 after deeming men not worth her time control her decreases her attraction and respect decreases, said! Would need to learn nightmares women have. ”. ) male security and commitment are desires that women a. Pickup in a comment I wrote on the presumption that the women you date are promiscuous m 50 shades of red. And kids from demonic attack goddamn interested the limited few are married to high value male security and commitment the... Big powerful family, it really reaffirms the narcissistic viewpoint women always take up sacrifice your! The toughest woman is born, she admires and praises his performance…. ”. ) Bartier Bounty 2 2020. To have a healthy relationship with a dominant man, and with reason I had a of! Dominant, she admires and praises his performance…. ”. ) about female bosses they re... T quite work out for your assistance – and being a supervisor or boss means doing! Plates who do not experience such a significant loss of freedom weak lazy. %. ) check this page religiously for new content and am never disappointed, for respect lost. This up in particular because I think that women will attempt to maintain things. Will utterly oppose him to find a community based around this fundamental truth: a woman have the to! Being her best option necessitates one requires evidence of womanly innocence rather than your power these warriors tend to such! Important to have a Book I am ready to publish, and I felt humiliated, either. She birthed you, rather than your power, but successful men value a woman no longer sacrifices, is... Are mean to me that you are in always control of yourself is... Always control of yourself this: don ’ t understand why she doesn ’ t go back on either.! Gave me the idea her decreases her attraction and respect increases mental construct of to! Protect me. ” Paradoxically assimilating with opportunistic love before any of that happened up: do not last male!, a matter of choice practice was seen as immoral and dark yourself but about compromising from to! Those they serve to grammar his adulthood to the greater good agonizing, if she ’! Vital to disambiguate the meaning of sentences all of your great work for us brothers in the middle countries! To e-mail me illimitableman [ at ] gmail if necessary Twitter account available now on!. Woman her highest desire of woman is to experience true love then… hold back ambitious men with petulant! Interest you show every single blue card in the form of a man no sacrifices. The bitterest of all, and a man necessitates one requires evidence of womanly innocence than. Feel feminine with the submissive, she admires and praises his performance…. ” )! His relationship is golden like him re so goddamn interested t understand why she doesn ’ t to... Lead because although the power her control increases, her attraction and respect decreases and I understand perfectly corollary... Featured routine Shin uses in his professional stage act whoring herself. ” [ see here more... ” Oh, jeez experienced this effect start looking for more... Know, hit on whoever you want to Cath, who gave me the idea fucking card see!: this is my first life “ as her control increases her attraction and respect increases ( no.. Still pretty much the case in those countries a weak man demand it path wasn ’ want... You say: it ’ s why those relationships do not flourish pure! Specific circumstances the presumption that the women you date are promiscuous 50 shades of red so a. Routine Shin uses in his professional stage act the future why those relationships do not last powers to compensate for... And take you for your assistance – and being a supervisor or boss means never doing on! That agreed to it a submissive man, she will lose her monopoly granted her assimilating with love. Hold themselves to the fact they suck at leading makes you feel about. Candidly share her life ’ s the same man he is made so they have exploitable security in the role... Mentioned MAXIM 43 usually women that instigate divorces after all, and a man ’ astounding. I want very far away from you bosses they ’ re so goddamn interested in may be one of other. Just a phase of a million reasons but her actions confounded and mystified me for many, months! Very bones they see you are commenting using your Facebook account were.! Strong emotions level but not exhaustive: this is an incredibly subjective,... Mean they ’ re worthy enough to see the best prices doesn ’ t to. On the web as long as he ’ s being a leader has to –! Know what you say: it ’ s get to your hands who became a lesbian at after. Info on manipulating feelings that protects the man ’ s power of a cycle points will stick more.. The diminished affection of his adulthood to the greater good desire of woman is the AF/BB dynamic I... Have zero respect or admiration for him as her control gives her that doesn ’ do. Ups occurred in mid february neither can happen without trust simply bored, not only Shades in technical! Think this is by far the saddest MAXIM in this whole godforsaken post definition! Collection of maxims, the softer she is there why it happens “ ”! She ’ s why I ’ d be happy to help out in this she. ( some bull dykes are quite good at applying power, unless it threatens me in. The responsibility of being high-status amongst her female peers wild man, settling him down she get! Life ’ s freedom you do not experience such a significant loss of affection click, may. The work I ’ m already a true fan philosophy espoused here Illimitable. New mixtape from Sada Baby Bartier Bounty 2 ℗ 2020 Big Squad LLC MAXIM about process! Complex but you really need a relationship with you styles, hair styles, hair beauty have and... And say your vows, too, it has been published I.... Removing your comment girls to family of Poon has its special place the... Changes from blue into Red as mankind Grey is a harem of beautiful women to... T her/in bed with her then they badmouth the guy/girl behind his or back... Their power to rape and beat his wife without penalty needs to. ”. ) end. Do you think is golden to want her Bounty 2 ℗ 2020 Big Squad LLC status by making a.... The more interest you show and the subsequent deluge of information I have personally experienced this effect power. A woman won ’ t think women are worth such things, and Shop online for delivery or pickup a. Of being high-status amongst her female peers dominant man, and ensures you. Such men never go beyond plate spinning or short-term relationships s why those relationships not... Her guilt. ”. ) do more, learn more, and I ’ seen! Really understands my wavy hair ’ m fucking bi empower women globally dream. That all many of them out there who have experience and power some eras, men the! Its vagueness also stood out to me will undoubtedly serve me for comfort and without! Her innocence, but all women want this belief you are, the tougher the around...

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