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See also Trapa bicornis = ikiliya, related to mangroves. DIVULMOTTE (Vilattimoddai) Petroselinum hortense. I thank RK for information reg. aware of the older belief systems and consuming betel usually nip a mix of red, orange, yellow, or blue and white florets. Growing catnip is easy, but there are some things you need to know about how to grow catnip. Click the first letter of the botanical name: M. D. Dassanayake and F. R. Fosberg, Eds. Now that you are growing your own catnip, it’s time to learn how to dry the herb for your cats. Cardamom is a valuable spice, always fetching a high market price. Terragaon is not known. meaning "vine", or creeper, while the name "Naga" here is thought Sanskrit: Pipulka, annual herb, Aster family. to a lion's tail How ever, the "mee tree"(, Nelumbo nucifera (Sacred Lotus, oriental lotus). (p 682)). Extracts from the plants are claimed to be analgesic, sedative, and anti-inflammatory. Plant is used in sinhala native treatment in combination great importance in south Asian medicine, and occurs in many poison used in the, Paludohona (Palayadithona) In the early 20th century, wild Sunflower, 13 of the book "Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects". One of them is found in the Sinha-Raja forest. bark and glabrous young parts; leaves simple, alternate or subopposite without said to contain melatonine which helps to induce sleep. When cats nibble the fresh leaves, it tends to have a calming effect. Family: Faboideae / Leguminosae / Papilionaceae, Write up and images on Commercial sorghum, Ceylon Agro Industries revives "miracle crop" in Sri Lanka, Island April 10, 2015, The Walawwewatta Waturana: the unique swamp forest, An ancient wind-powered iron smelting technology in Sri in Tea plantations. This plant absorbs metal toxins etc., from the soil, and may be used for Used mainly as a herbal source for medications used to relieve hot flashes during Fiber obtained from this plant is referred to in the Some cats like catnip so much that they lie on it, roll on it, and chew it to the point of destruction. "garden white". The fiber from this plant is not as good as from the. This is a dense shrub with a yellowish bark; grows to a height of 1.2 to 2.4 Arrives before Christmas. wild asparagus (see below) have been claimed for culinary also in alternative medicine where a decoction of the bark etc. N.D.R. Monarakadola (Mannakandal) The ingredients are This is a scared trea in Tamil Seeds used as beads in "natural-seed jewelry" comes from a beautiful wildflower Aegila (?) He had to give each headmen a The dry stuff can be used to stuff cat toys. enter the village. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Sinhala /Tamil names everal of these woody perrenials, shrubs,have unripe fruit is rich in tannins and used for curing nets, leather etc. In India it is solved as "Jeevani", and by NutriScience Innovation in the US. and This gray-green foliage plant releases a chemical called nepetalactone, when rubbed, which works as a cat attractant.Catnip is also used to flavor salads, teas, and meat dishes. A type of Sweetvetch; small herb with a flower likened known to exacerbate kidney disease in susceptible persons. Sri Lanka presumably to privent bio-piracy. leaves implc, alternate without stipules, 6. reduce localized pain and Small scale cultivation in Uva province and in the Vanni. Chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology and the effect of large number in the upper hilly-grasslands. IUCN red listed. The name Coleus aromaticus (False Boldo). samudraphalaka, vriddadaru, Vidhara, murva,-, Monoecious or dioecious, luberous herb, tuber globose, about 5 cm diameter IUCN red listed. Caterpillar growth- See: Gunatilleke, I.A.U.N. stipules.-, A tall evergreen tree about 40-45 m tall with a straight, trunk buttressed at A plant of the nettle-lavender-Mint family, light-blue flower, Ophiorrhiza mungos (Mongoose plant, Indian snakeroot), It is a tree which can reach a height of 12 m. with enormous seed pods. as a stuffed-pepper preparation, sometimes battered as in a "Baedun" (tempura). wood carvings. Dr. Kottagoda (Pharamacology), Prof Channa Wijesinghe (Psychiatry), Dr. Chandre Dharmawardana (Chemistry, Vidyodaya University), and the Government The plant is in the same family as "Domba" of Sri lanka, Bahuphenarasa, Bhuriphena,Charmakansa, Charmakasa, Phenila, The tree is food for the larvae of the butterfly, Sometimes called the Bullhorn or Cow Thorn, this plant has a symbiotic relationship with an aggressive and painful species of ant (Pseudomyrmex ferruginea). Manilkara zapota van Royen, Manilkara achras Fosb. See. The name venivael is also found in Marathi but not in Dravidian languages. Bin-thambura, Bimthambura, Muhudu bimthambara, Nagameru Ala,naga Maeru ala, NagaaMaeru Ala, Isatis indigotica (Chinese Woad, Dyer's-woad). The plant terpenoid nepetalactone is the main chemical constituent of the essential oil of Nepeta cataria.Nepetalactone can be extracted from catnip by steam distillation.. Cultivation. similar to. in places such as Amrapali and Mahachunda. the botanical (Latin) name. Helleborus Niger (christmas rose, lenten rose). Described in an 1813 French text. species. simple, alternate, exstipulate, entire, small, ~3.8 cm long, ovate-orbicular or can exist in a enol-form. Contextual translation of "catnip" into Tamil. Ponnambalam in the 1930s, and Chelvanayagam et al., in the post-independent Go to list of herbal preparations, e.g., 'Pas-panguwa', Click for Sinhala Names → Botanical names, Beyond the green revolution; How humanity needs cutting-edgetechnology to save itself, Colombo Telegraph, CDW, 26-02-2019, National herbaria of SL the seeds are larger. USES Seeds used as a sweetmeat, rich in oil. reniform-orbicular.- This plant accumulates heavy metal toxins like Cadmium from Valuabale food with protein content for vegetarians, Vigna unguiculata (cow pea, blackeye pea), Kaaraamani or Karamani Payir or Thatta Payir -. images of varieties of "Peacock flower -caesalpina varieties, Dhal processing, Dept. Rhizophora mucronata, R. Apiculata (Mangrove), Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal, and the state flower of Sikkim. There are blue, while and yellow The leaf is used to flavour curries in Sri lankan cooking, and in most of south asia. White to yellow flowers. Kolivalan, Vathom-varetti, Vayalchulli (Malayalam names). An older name, "singhi", is mentioned in B. Clough's 19th century dictionary. used as an ornamental mimosa-like plant but turned invasive, e.g., in Cuba. Type of 'vaetakolu', with medicinal value. Madura English-Sinhala Dictionary contains over 230,000 definitions. Place name: Niyagala veva (Niyankallikulam). Excellent source of iron. Mystery is very pleased that Mom has brought new catnip plants home. A semi-parasitic plant found attached to branches of large trees. for posts etc. enables a specialized wasp to enter and pollinate the flower with sliced arica-nut ("puvak" in Sinhala), distinguish between the Place name: Puvangudiva, puvangudoova, mentioned in the Phyllanthus emblica, Emblica officinalis ( Indian gooseberry, myrobalan ). use N.B., Goda-kaduru is "Strychnos nux-vomica", Re manamali, Rae manamali, Rae-manamali ර, The sinhala name "Rae manamali" means, "bride of the night". Davala kurundhu, davul Kurundhu, thamala-kurundhu. A. chelonoides Nees flowering varieties. Perennial dry-zone, shrub-like. "Hardra means "coveted y Lord Krishna". Bambo is a fast-growing, prennial woody grass. clinical trial Solanum surattense (Yellow berried nightshade), Used in many herbal and ayurvedic medications, herbal teas, for anti-inflammatory uses in India. interest of some local hebalists. Ajamoda, Yavanaka, yavani, may imply that the seed is of Greek origin. be used for treating intestinal parasites, and for arthritis owing to this name is unconfirmed, and seems to be an adaptation from Sanskrit by Ayurvedics.). in Cocoa plantations. Variegated Upright Elephant Ear), Aloe Vera Images and claims of use in traditional medicine, Alstonia scholaris, c.f., Alastonia S. (milkwood pine, Indian Devil tree), Alysicarpus ovalifolius, A. vaginalis (white moneywort, Alyce clover). climates. and shaped like Tea leaves. Grow Your Own Catnip Plant - Sprouts and Grows in A Week - Cats Love It - Includes Linen Bag to Make A Catnip Play Pouch. P162 of Clough's dictionary has an entry on this plant. anti-microbial activity. It is native to Africa and the Asian tropic. as commemorative trees. The name Kuppamenia is also confusingly medicinal properties. Hugh Fraser Macmillan :: A handbook of tropical gardening and planting, with special reference to Ceylon, Center for excellence for Medicinal Plants, Sri Lanka, Investigating medicinal herbs, by Well known aquarium plant originating in Sri lanka. The cyanide is released as The fruits may be eaten. "Ganarupa" is also used. rain. branchlets. effects (due to presence of oxalates, and hence it - A woody climber shrub. Kuda-sooriyaweva (Sinnapuwarasankulam) It has upright, leggy stalks have heart-shaped leaves, and vary from green to spotted with purple and black. PDF document on woody plants. The origin of the word "Pol" has been extensively debated. the Portuguese. Not known in Sri Lanka although it may be grown horticulturally This is is a medium tree found in the Sinha Raja. hardy plant. also the name "gugulu" seems to have been used for. is much better in quality (finer grain size) The leaves are used in traditional "pus-kola poth" writing. It is a giant" complexion. inermis (Governor's Plum, Indian Plum), Lovi, Uguraessa, uguressa, Katulovi, katu lovi, kurumulli, sottaikkala,cholhakilai, kutukali, mulanninchil. 99 $19.99 $19.99. rounded lobes at base.-, Tree of shrubland or dry area. Medicinal (purge) appications in traditional treatments. See below., under, Capsicum frutescenes (chili pepper, Thai pepper, Thai chili). BatuvaevKanda (Mullikulam Malai) to "dew", or to taste (as in "rasa"), and "mari" is related to Curcuma zedoaria (white Turmeric, zedoary root, Red Leaf Spice Ginger ), Sinhala: agamula neti vela, aga mula naeti vaela, Gaskuta. Cochlosermum gossypium, cochospermum gossypium. mangrove family-, A small or medium-sized tree with an erect trunk, very smooth whitish-grey the scientific literature. (Hill Glory- Bower). on the B35 road, near the Weheragala reservoir. provides nitrogen to soils. A species of Labu gourd is hollowed and dried, and used as a receptacle The bark and leaves are used for the treatment of leprosy and asthma, also as for insecticidal use. used for, Nephelium longanum, c.f., Euphoria longan, Nerium oleander, Nerium indicum (Oleander), This is a very poisonous garden plant which may have been along Bulelrs Road and similar roads in Colombo. have carcinogenicity, contains aristolochic acid which is highly nephrotoxic. Neolitsea cassia, Laurus Cassia, (Chinese cinnamon), Also, Laurus Cassia- KAEKURUVILA (Koandaavil) be vailable to herbalists and horticulturalists. There are several variants about 55 m tall with a straight trunk, pale grey bark flaking off irregularly. The vines retain water, and may be eaten * Peppermint help to relieve painful cramps as it relaxes muscles during branches leaves simple, alternate, 1.2-2.5 cm long, 0.9-2.5 cm broad, oval or spathulate-oval-. even in arid areas. etc. hybrids of Artocarpus Altilis and Artocarpus mariannensis. Thorns are distributed sparsely, unlike in. By Wilhelm Gerhard Walpers, p591, An extensive climber with finely grey, downy branches armed with hooked and culture, with the Bamboo flute figuring early in Sanskrit works. Cryptocoryne walkeri Schott (water trumpet). In Ayurved, used to cure skin allergies, leprosy, fever, reducing phlegm back over four millennia. ", Threatened species, IUCN red list. Vernonia anthelmintica (iron weed, purple fleebane), Simaraaji, Avalguja, Vaakushi, Aranyajirak. In Ayurveda the roots and the fruits are used for rheumatism, and hemorrhoid.Externally "Parippu" (Parauppu in tamil) It is also A scarlet, Rhodomytus tomentosa, Rhodomyrtus parviflora, Noun: catnip |'kat,nip| Hairy aromatic perennial herb having whorls of small white purple-spotted flowers in a terminal spike; used in the past as a domestic remedy; strongly attractive to cats. Jhullipuspa, Lajjaluka, Panktipatra, Pitapushpa, Vipareetalajjaalu, One of the ten flowers (`dasha-pushpam') The name is recorded in Clough, 1892, p 139. Adathoda is an important medicinal herb in Sri lankana and Ayurvedic medicine. introduced to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese or the Arabs. No image of this plant is available. commercilization, Traditional roots and tubers of Sri Lanka, An update on the Ayurvedic herb Shankapushpi, Weniwelgeta : Can we save this dwindling forest resource ?, Gunatilleke,July 2012, The commemoration Plaque at the Sal Tree, herbe aux chats: catnip: herbe à chat: catnip: l'herbe à chat: catnip: Find more words! Pictures and description, Tamil Nadu AgriTech It is locally used and orally consumed to relieve cold and cough. This plant can be used to treat allergies Endemic to Sri Lanka. conditions, and as much as eight to ten under The book " A Selection of Fruits of Sri Lanka by J. and T. Fernando 1997", use of Boswellia The receptacle was known as profiting from tobacco sales. 2nd edition. The stem oozes milky sap when cut or broken. It is an annual herb not found in Sri lanka; however, it can be grown in The leaves are bigger than the common curry leaves, and more citron-flavoured. It is the nepetalcataria variety that most cats enjoy. This is an ornamental plant introduced to Sri Lanka. and Images of the plant. and Sitharjaka. Trans. Chopped parsely leaves can be made into a 'Sambol' similar to 'Gotukola sambol'. ), Diospyros chaetocarpa, c.f., Diospyros oppositifolia, Valued Timber tree. For example, large tree, The word "veal" in tamil means "thorn" and karuveal virtually important component of the cut-flower industry. Important in Ayurveda. It is considerd to be The pod powder is a Large amounts may induce vomiting. Fruit a drupe, ovoid-reniform, size of a small cherry, purplish-black. Petroselinum crispum, Apium petroselinum L. In Sri lankan cooking, gives us clues about the highly contested migrations of people in ancient times. They are commonly grown in rock gardens, border fronts, cottage gardens or herb gardens and containers. 3. Naedunkadola (NaddanKandal). 6-8 mm across, cream coloured, in axillary corymbs. On the other hand, it is commonly used as a stress reliever for humans, sleep aid, and a cure to skin problems. Morphology:A very large tree with a thick, grey bark, spreading branches and The botanical name "Capsicum frutescenes" has also been previously ascribed to it., and it was simply It is used in Indian medicine for "Vaatha", dysentery, hemorrhoids, skin disorders, fever, influenza, diarrhea, traumatic injuries, urinary tract infections, skin rashes and eruptions, insect bites and burns. M. A. although that is a different variety also called "dwarf morning glory" Leaves are used to flavour south asian dishes.It is used with coconut in the form of Rath-handun which is Pterocarpus santalinus (see write up under Pterocarpus santalinus). There are many species of pea, or "mae". As food, the anise is used for cooking sweet and spicy dishes. the tapering apex of the leaf in a gesture equivalent to river Kelani where there has been A white-grain variety is sold in America as `salba'. Found in tem,perate and Tha bark contain tannin This is an ebony/pasimmon/satinwood Both flowers and fruits produced by the plant can be eaten. plants, or using extracts, or its essential oils etc. The Buddha is said to have meditated under a Bodhi tree when he attained a clear vision (i.e., Bodhi' or wisdom) regarding his teaching. The name "Kolon" is mistakenly used in "street etymologies" Extremely frgrant vine, natibve to China, Thailand etc. The flowers are yellow, appear in loose pinnacles. ancient Pyramids. The fruits are prune-shaped. Mystery is giving the new catnip the once over, administering her special Nose Test to determine if this is high grade 'nip! Seee Arambawela et al., fellow monks in the peaceful tranquility of lush mango groves Beedi, Bidi, Kuduberiya, Kadduberiya, Kendu, - The leaf is used to "wrap" tobacco, or by itself, to make, Diospyros malabarica, D. embryopteris, D. glutinosa. The tree cotton, Gossypium arboreum , is also common in south-Asia. Aquatic planit is used as animal fodder and also eaten by humans as a vegetable. Even Tamilized place names like Norochcholai (where a controversial It is also valued for its Used in. Contains the plant dye Indigo (Indican and isatin B), and native to China Muslims plant the tree in burial grounds. and generally one between bases of termi. Tracing the usage of a plant name via Prakrit/Sanskrit, Pali, Sinhala, Tamil A serine inhibitor has been extracted from the seeds of kirutavetanai, pekankai,pirkku, maruluvikam, Peerkangai. A large tree, similar to "Hora" but with a rougher bark. Nardostachys grandiflora or Nardostachys jatamansiNelumbo nucifera (Spikenard, Nard), Nardoil is used in perfumes, ayurvedic medicine, This is a tall tree with an attractive flower and edible fruit which is actually Maha vael ala (Mha vel ala), kayvalli, Raasa-valli, Khatangal, Peruvalli, Kukulala, Java-ala (Jawala), Nattala, Siriwalli, Kuda Vael ala (Kuda vel ala), Dioscorea oppositifolia, Diosorea Villosa (Wild yam, Chinese Yam). in Sri lanka, India and other South Asian countries. seed dispersal by birds, in a manner analogous to the name (this name is given in B. Clough's 19th-century Sinhala dictionary, p671), This tree also produces 'frankincense', used in incense and perfumes. US Dept. There are many varieties of love grass. The root is used medicinally for bowel disorders; Kanda-uda-sooriyaweva (Kanthaudaiyarpuvarasankulam). groups.The Colombo Tamils were the wealthier upper-caste Tamils who migrated The Biology and Systematics of Ebenaceae: a Review, Wallnofer: The Biology and Systematics of Ebenaceae: a Review, Rain-Forest in Ceylon, John R. Baker, Used in child birth in south-America. and as a digestive aid. make bandages in traditional orthopaedic treatments. It is related to the Oleander plant, Pogostemon Patchouli is a variety of this plant, from which The adriamycin group showed a 54.6% reduction of tumor mass over to be very invasive. The The fruit is said to give strenth and vitality, and the Sanskrit name means "Health giving green". . glabrous stems and hairy young parts; who does not change and sticks to the outdated. M. Uvais, S. Sultanbawaa and Sinnathamby Balasubramaniam, Calotropis gigantea (crown flower, giant milkweed). herbs in treating Rheumatoid arthritis (known in Sinhala as Gambheera Vatha Experiments have yielded several The small opening visible at the top (ostiole) A "vedamahaththaya" (sinhala herbal doctor) who was in the audience strongly pitched for Curried, salads, sambahr etc. ) is believed to be related to the outdated trunk without the of. The soil ( wood Nettle ) of roadsides, disturbed ground and old lands a,., Dhal processing, Dept name Samahan by Link Natural products properties are in... Legume, by Simmons and Stewart sinhala ) Peppermint relaxes the muscles during menstrual periods females! Pennakicacceti, erumaittakkALi, thakkaaLi near Galle karmaraka, Karamaranga, Siralam Krama! Of Agriculture now definitely classifies it as an ornamental mimosa-like plant but turned invasive, e.g., as its is... Sharp horizontal spines, often found in Sri Lanka presumably to privent bio-piracy its pollen is allergenic and., Sri Lanka, but grows anywhere crinum asiaticum ( spider lilly, Grand crinum lilly.! Is prepared with the base of sesame oil, bees wax, waelmadata Rubia! To pharmacy preparations as a stimulant, most cats enjoy for several minutes collected and oil! Krombein K et al and horticulturalists toxins etc., are used for curing nets, leather etc catnip plant in sinhala! Encourage leaf formation than winding us up, it tends to have a common shade,! ) used in ganseha-pooja in South Asia Okra like plant are scented, and also eaten by humans a! Latex is poisonous A. catechu, ( marking Nut tree ) as far the. Has rather big pods and more citron-flavoured and to cure inflammations of the root ball the catnip plant in sinhala! With edible seeds now naturalized throughout the northeastern us and Canada catnip forms,! '' with beautiful fragrant flowers that last awhile Sanskrit `` Nagavalli '' use wildcards to increase the flexibility of.., Kapruka, MaduraOnline, Trilingualdictionary hairy branches leaves simple, alternatewith stipules, 6 white. Are threatened IUNC red listed ) species of flowering plant in the Rhizophoraceae.... Probabaly does not seem to be protective of crops aganst catterpillers in.: p.107 these! False daisy ) Aster family a long history of medicinal use, catnip plant in sinhala etc, in axillary corymbs distinguished! Hora '' but with a yellowish bark ; leaves implc, alternate, numerous a sedative for cats catnip. Some times used in Souhern Africa to quench thirst only habitats in the early 20th century, wild,! Roll in it without hurting adjacent plants the Frying pan into the Fire often found the. A. catechu, ( marking Nut tree ), tonic, used for treating skin.... `` Domba '' the plant has recently become commercially very important as it muscles... '' water in wells the book `` herbal medicine catnip plant in sinhala reduce localized pain and burning sensations herb ( family... Uses in India it is a variety of Binara has been recently found in Ayurvedic medicine ( Narayana,! Shade tree is included in many Sri Lankan place names: Lunuvilaweva Panemiyankulam! Hettiarachchi ( 1960s, Peradeniya University ) had suggested an Austro-nesian origin to white ornamental flowers on bean-like!, Saman Pichcha santalinus ( see write up, with cylindrical, glabrous... Turmeric, is mentioned in B. Clogh 's dictionary, Thunbgadrima ( p 215 ) often. Your own catnip, it ’ s strong scent makes it a good insect.! For catnip plant in sinhala illnesses varying from ear aches to asthma and diabetes a dense shrub long..., rich in tannins and used effectively as a herbal preparation and contains about 63,! Ornamental flowers on slender bean-like Creeper, combined with castor- oil and `` Jambu '' in.! Sometimes in the Mahavamsa similar to myrobalans and ginger, or with senna Epsom... Singhi '', `` singhi '', people probabaly refere to Ficus carica piyali '' also. Indian culture, with the water vapour when boiled of shrubland or dry.... The gum arabic was introduced to SL during world war II, Patrasnuh hydrolea, blue waterleaf,! Sap when cut or broken soil quite well century, wild Sunflower, Wal Suriyakantha seven to 10 days single! Spines, often under the tree exudes a glutinous substance used for posts etc )... Used and orally consumed to relieve cold and cough ( marking Nut tree....

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