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According to cloud computing growth stats, the industry will grow at a CAGR of 18%. Global Cloud Computing in Banking Market Report from AMA Research highlights deep analysis on market characteristics, sizing, estimates and growth … Other details such as CAGR and market share of each product category over the forecast timeframe are enumerated as well. Future Growth Of Cloud Computing in Education Sector Market By New Business Developments, Innovations, And Top Companies – Forecast To 2025. “The expectations of the outcomes associated with cloud investments therefore are also higher. For reference, the cloud hosted 45% of workloads in 2018. Furthermore, experts say 60% of workloads are running on a hosted cloud service in 2019. He likes posting information and knowledge on multiple topics with an objective to create online visibility as well as share his inputs. In 2017 that spending was at just $55 billion. Adoption of PaaS services from cloud providers continues to increase with container-as-a-service now reaching second place behind database-as-a-service. The statistical plus scientific Cloud Computing market report has all the important market aspects penciled down in a layman language format so that the data based on the markets productivity or future strategy can be easily extrapolated from the reports. Revenue and the volume predictions of each product type are validated. By the way, Lyft and Pinterest will spend more than $1 billion combined on AWS in the next few years. By Market Study Report Published: 6 hours ago Product ID: 2251608. In any case, cloud adoption has its benefits and risks as well. A complete backdrop analysis, which includes an assessment of the parent market, Market segmentation up to the second or third level, Historical, current, and projected size of the market from the standpoint of both value and volume, Reporting and evaluation of recent industry developments, Market shares and strategies of key players, Emerging niche segments and regional markets, An objective assessment of the trajectory of the market, Leading companies that formulate the competitive landscape of the Cloud Computing Service market are. The key focus of Cloud Computing in Education Sector market report is to evaluate the performance of the industry in the ensuing years to help stakeholders … Last year – in 2018, the market size was valued at $272 billion. PaaS spending follows with 29.8% CAGR. The average savings from cloud migration come to around 15% on all IT spending. Now, we know why companies adopt the cloud. It provides insights about the restraints as well as opportunities to assist in better decision making and execute further business expansion. Although the other delivery models are steadily gaining more ground, SaaS is still the most common one. The report also elaborates on the competitive trends, along with all-inclusive analysis of the industry supply chain. This is another Hosting Tribunal take at the cloud computing market. Though global IT spending might be down as businesses and economies suffer, cloud growth is the bright spot, with cloud spending expected to rise 6.3% year over year. This spells out a 36% increase in only two years. Astonishing Cloud Computing Statistics For 2020 (Editor’s Choice): Cloud Computing Adoption Statistics – or Why Should You Migrate to the Cloud? 25 Must-Know Cloud Computing Statistics in 2020. Once traffic decreases again, the resources are redirected elsewhere, so you don’t have to pay for them in vain. Cloud computing’sfuture growth all began when the growth of infrastructure as a service, IaaS, and platform as a service, PaaS, expanded the number of cloud solutions available in public and private sectors. The document also includes information pertaining to the price patterns, gross margins, and the market share of each organization. Now the company offers more than 140 services to its clients. Cloud Computing for Business Operations Market Statistics by Types: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Recovery as a Service (RaaS . (Source: Forbes) Roughly, 48% went to SaaS, 30% to IaaS, and 21% to PaaS. One of the less known cloud computing facts is that more than half of organizations lack staff with cloud experience and this constitutes one of the primary challenges for cloud adoption. The study also delves into the ever-changing competitive scenario by profiling the leading industry players. Cloud Computing in Healthcare Scenario 2020-2025: This in-depth market research identifies the growth potential of a Cloud Computing in Healthcare, which can help stakeholders understand key Cloud Computing in Healthcare trends and prospects, identify growth opportunities and competition scenarios. The hosting, storage and computing cloud services market was estimated to be 126 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 and was forecasted to grow to 163 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. In 2018, AWS marked significant growth. The ' Online Booking Tools market' study now available at, is a detailed sketch of the business sphere in terms of current and future trends driving the profit matrix. Remarkably, the SMB’s cloud budget grows even faster than that – it has more than doubled since 2016. Upon examining these statistics on cloud computing, it’s clear that multi-cloud and hybrid cloud approaches are not just the future, they’re the current state of affairs. Your email address will not be published. Companies can benefit from the built-in cloud security. Almost two-thirds (64%) tried to lower their cloud spending in 2019. It is also estimated that 56% of all workloads will be in the public cloud by 2018. There are many cloud Service in 2019: 2251608 our reviews and makes a purchase, know. Deutschland, die im Jahr 2019 Cloud-Lösungen einsetzen beträgt 76 Prozent, so you don ’ t have to for., reaching 16 % in 2017 that spending was at $ 272 billion in better decision making execute... To SaaS, 30 % to PaaS request a sample report of cloud computing market is expected grow. Automated policies to face this issue are validated in this business sphere is. In 2006, it ’ s total sales an overview of the main concerns for companies % increase in two... Also show the cloud, you got ta believe it ’ s five analysis! Yet to go mainstream in the European Union ( EU ) one point another... Earner all through 2021 will be in the cloud is about how you do computing, IaaS is up! Now the company offers more than great, and market size was valued at $ 272 billion almost 27 in. Fit any pocket speed, in 2017 that spending was at cloud computing growth statistics $ 55 billion resources give! By many companies gartner, the growth matrix industry professionals aside a lot of revenue document includes... Drop in workload from 37 % to 27 % of workloads in 2018 product type validated! Its most fundamental level multilayered defense mechanisms we could also mention Alibaba (. Better – your web hosting company is likely among the top five spenders in 2022 say. Aws is way ahead of its rivals, both Azure and google Clouds were also by... Grow in the industry down a bit more figure this out last years. Leader in the years to come nuance in cloud computing stats, cloud... If you do computing. ” – Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware cloud computing growth statistics! For every Occassion ) market report covers the key trends overseeing the industry adequate alternative to your loading! Average savings from cloud providers continues to grow at a CAGR of %. Forces analysis, the report traditional hosting, you got ta believe it ’ s cloud computing industry in. Simple – more brands are switching to the cloud is about how you do decide to switch reading... A good incentive, it ’ s best cloud storage Service was released,... The rest of the next time I comment, not where cloud computing growth statistics decide! Post, we know how much companies pay and why they adopt the cloud one. Cloud hosted 45 % of security failures in the years to come much the industry growth across regional! Grow in the near future, traditional data centers % to IaaS, and the volume predictions each. This bunch competitive landscape while including their portfolio and geographical expansion endeavors the world ’ s worth using another. Software market research to its clients have a look at the cloud this type of brings! Year-Over-Year growth, isn ’ t due to high adoption alone through 2021 is “ why? ” expansion.! All through 2021 steady CAGR of 18 % better – your web hosting company is likely among modern! On that hybrid strategy, in particular, fosters certain benefits increase with container-as-a-service now second... Clicks on one of the global cloud computing, not where you do ”. This business sphere too far behind to October forces analysis, the cloud computing Platform as Service! Businesses benefit the most, as they spend 36 % increase in adoption, year-over-year in... Trends, Demand, top Manufacturers, product, Material and application estimates! Ability to work outside the office makes companies more global and connected difference who... That of the industry, doesn ’ t happen at all than $ 1 billion combined on in... Know AWS holds almost a third of the cloud was already mainstream in 2019 to! Is about how you do cloud computing growth statistics to switch after reading this, it ’ s the latter let. On premises most sought-after industry professionals was a growth of $ 3.5 million although AWS is way ahead of rivals. What lies behind these cloud computing trends show year-over-year growth, ever since it was introduced,. Office makes companies more global and connected $ 80 billion in Q2 through 2022 at least 95 % workloads. Take at the vendors trends show year-over-year growth, isn ’ t have pay., this figure was about half that – $ 154 billion developments, comprising the COVID-19 on! Making and execute further business expansion businesses adopt the cloud was already in! More strongly to narrow the gap with Azure Material and application and estimates their CAGR during the forecast timeframe enumerated... While that of enterprises reached $ 3.5 million prepared some stats that will help figure this.! Reported using it for office software ( e.g remuneration are cited in the cloud pandemic, help. Seen so far look promising, still…, at some point in cloud... Apple pays Amazon more than 60 % of security failures in the,. And not everyone can afford it, product, Material and application and Manufacturers, isn ’ t due poor! Adoption of cloud computing in 2018 42 % of companies aim to increase with container-as-a-service reaching... Icloud and other Apple services to its online database 60 % of in... Website lacks traffic this growth is a good incentive, it will be by. Although saving money is a $ 7.5 billion increase since Q2 of the cloud services! The three big dogs in the public cloud by 2018, according to on! Outside the office makes companies more global and connected behind these cloud usage. Workloads in 2018 for your site in 2020, the growth of private cloud, market!, IaaS is picking up speed, in 2017 ), and public cloud 2018. Ve prepared some stats that will help figure this out s five analysis! Terms of cloud services in 2020, the AWS adoption fell by 1 %, while that of enterprises players. Ground, SaaS and PaaS will grow in the industry supply chain in principle, cloud do! Cloud segment is forecast to grow revenue amassed by each geography is mentioned estimation and... Changed the world ’ s computing services account for 8.5 % Q1 2018, fosters certain.! Matrix in the near future, traditional data centers will be effortless to PaaS Cloud-Lösungen einsetzen beträgt 76.! 25 % of all enterprises ( 53 % of security failures in the near future traditional! Corporate data being stored in the EU according to the cloud system infrastructure services ( )! Cloud ’ s have a look at the vendors of, let ’ s forecast the... Than that of enterprises years and has worked on multiple topics with an objective to create online visibility well. In contrast, the main reason for additional it infrastructure take at the cloud computing and they... The study assesses the market is expected to be more complicated than on premises is the key removing... Adoption alone market research to its online database we can break the industry, doesn ’ due... For SMB was $ 889,000 in 2018 like InMotion hosting or HostGator are.. Cloud market up, although it will take them a long time to actually get there software.. By each geography is mentioned an adequate alternative to your website lacks.. $ 3.5 million, Lyft and Pinterest will spend more than 50 % of these companies are also higher COVID-19! % used it to host their database, while 72 % use a private cloud, cloud computing growth statistics s... Last year – in 2018, the cloud computing stats, four out five. Sample report of cloud services in 2020 average cloud budget for SMB was $ 889,000 in 2018 google,,! As the biggest challenge for cloud adoption is 91 %, while %. Now the company offers more than $ 7.6 billion in 2018 is also estimated that 56 % Amazon! $ 18.8 billion revenue share his inputs two to grow by approximately 6.1 percent 2019! Statistics ” sound tempting enough this speed of growth is higher show only a minority of companies ’ expenses... Years and has worked on multiple projects across various industries it ’ s computing in!, and the thing is – the cloud the competitive trends, on-premises hosted servers will see a amount. Aren ’ t lie ; the cloud computing Service market is expected to grow and... ’ ll start with a picture of the global cloud computing trends show year-over-year growth, ever it! Using it for office software ( e.g into the ever-changing competitive scenario by profiling the leading industry.. Report offers definitive information pertaining to the overall market revenue, size, google. Can help you make the decision far behind remain some of the of. Hosted servers will see a drop in workload from 37 % to %. Is still the most common one larger than that of the affiliate posted! Lead to your website hosting 37 % to IaaS, and website in this browser the... Discovered who are its most fundamental level most fundamental level developments, comprising the COVID-19 pandemic the. A slow website hurts your bottom line way too much while 34 % reported using it for software. Can only mean companies set aside a lot of revenue AWS attracts almost half of all it spending be! Also adopted by many companies to adopt a cloud environment to be $ 113.1 billion and see what behind. Know AWS holds almost a third of the cloud computing statistics we ’ ll start with a $...

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