dryer 4 prong to 3 prong adapter

So when I remove the 4-wire plug, I am not detaching the green wire from a ground (directly at least), and there remains a white wire to ground from internal. Could I use a three-prong range cord to match that outlet? Everything in my breaker box is 30 AMP. If the outlet on the wall has three prongs yet the bottom is the L-shaped can I use a 3 pound with the bottom from being flat will it still work. I wouldn't worry about the 3 prong range plug. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on May 14, 2019: Yes, you can purchase a replacement, 3 prong, cord. I saw the instructions online, it explained about the grounding plate & the #10 wire. So the middle cord is the white wire and the other 2 are black and red (I'm speaking of the cords that aren't labeled)? Thanks for the info. It is thus illegal to install a 4 wire outlet without a ground, and highly dangerous to future owners as well. Hi, will any ground strap suffice? From United States. Item #1210980. I took the ground plate off but then the dryer shocked us. It has a red and black hot wire to the two straight blades and a ground wire to the round blade. If they are strictly internal to the dryer, not the cord, they will go to the center terminal. American, and I assume Canadian, dryers require 120 volts for the controls. where can I buy that? Hey can I use speaker wire for my jumper wire. Question: I have a four plug cord and 4 plug wall socket except only 3 wires go to the wall plug. He has extensive experience in most areas of the electrical trade. Purchase a range cord and you should be fine. Once you have changed the wire and the dryer runs, is there a reason it will not now heat now when it did before changing the wires? Is a 50amp range cord okay to use? I did not provide explicit directions and photos for a grounding wire because it looks pretty; I did it because grounding is necessary for safe operation of your dryer and is required by law. Most likely there is a spot where the old green wire went; put the second end there. Is this safe to use? WELDER 3PRONG L6-20R RECEPTACLE to 4PIN NEMA14-50P RANGE PLUG POWER CORD ADAPTER. Thanks for saving me from a shock. They must carry the NEMA designation of 10-30P (3 wire plug) and 14-30R (4 wire receptacle). So, I filed a claim to the construction company to change it. In the US, the neutral (white) wire is grounded to the ground bus in the panel, but everywhere else in the building it is forbidden to connect the white to the ground. I am converting a 4 prong into a 3 that is safe right. It is likely, however, that the breaker is a 50A; a dryer really should be plugged into a 30 Amp circuit. Buy It Now Instead of a jumper wire, or a ground strap, must be added, going from the center terminal to where that green wire connects to the frame. Question: If there is already a ground strap on my dryer (like you have in the photo) will I still need to use a #10 wire? The center wire of the three will always go to the center (white) terminal; the outer two wires go to the outer terminals. I don't have the tools to remove the nut for this green wire (which is connected to the old 4 prong cord), but the white one is connected to the terminal in the middle. I do not know where that green wire leads to. If you are asking if there is an adapter of some sort; none that I would recommend; I actually recommend that any such adapter NOT be used. Nice article, very clear and understandable. The homes built prior to 1996 may have a 3-hole 125/250V outlet NEMA 10-30R. My place is older (late 80's). Thanks for the help. I do have a question about the ground. What do i do about the small green wire below the wire panel cover. Instead, the neutral is doing "double duty" after making the changes described in the article. Answer: It is possible. A screwdriver, probably Phillips but perhaps a straight blade. Unscrew the three connection screws using a magnetic nut driver, so the screws don't fall down inside of the machine. Just be sure that neither one contacts the frame or wall of the dryer. Answer: There is no ground wire in a 3 wire cord. You would have to find the other end of that wire and verify it is attached to the frame of the dryer. If you somehow hook it up using the neutral for a 240V supply you will blow out all the control structure on the dryer. But if you're getting sparking from anywhere something is badly wrong. Answer: Absolutely. If you are set on a ground strap rather than a piece of wire (a few inches of #10 wire will do fine) you might take a look at what you will need and visit an automotive parts store. It is unlikely, but possible, that you have put the center wire on an outside terminal; be sure that the center, or white, wire is on the center terminal. Amazon does, I know. The older, outlets are "grandfathered" in the rule change and are quite legal to use if already in place, but you will need a new cord to fit it. I now see even the new cord i got says range cord. Dryer Plug Adapter 4 Prong to 3 Prong, Dryer Prong Adapter 4 to 3 Cord N10-30P to N14-30R, 1.5FT STW 10AWG/3 3 Prong Dryer Washer Cord, 30AMP, 250 Volt. Older, plastic, vent hoses are not recommended as a fire hazard, and even newer metallic ones deteriorate over time. Disconnect it from there and reconnect it under the green grounding screw. You must match the plug to the outlet. AC WORKS® [WD14301050] 30A 4-Prong 14-30P Dryer Plug to 10-50R 50A 125/250V Welder adapter Sale price $59 99 $59.99 Regular price $79 99 $79.99 Save $20 AC WORKS® [WD1030650-018] NEMA 10-30 3-Prong Dryer Plug to 6-50 Welder Adapter After I purchase a #10, how do I situate the green ground wire on the 3-wire cord? This is the requirement for new construction or when a new clothes dryer circuit is installed, but older installations are allowed to retain their 3-prong, 3-slot dryer cord and outlet configurations. The outlet on the wall is a 3 prong, however all of them are straight (No L shape). However, if it is, it was not legal to be there with a four wire cord! Either one is likely to be a 50 amp, meaning the 30 amp dryer will not be adequately protected unless the breaker is changed to a 30 amp breaker. Answer: It will not be possible to specify exactly what your dryer will need for a grounding strap. If it is on a 30 amp breaker it could be changed to the 10-30R that your 10-30P cord requires. When you have a … Surprised to hear that all your breakers are 30 amp, though, if that means for lights, regular outlets and all. The dryer plug fits the wall plug but when running, arcing occurs from the supply lines. have all wires in place, including the extra white wire mentioned before that is already going to the middle terminal to somewhere in the control panel I am guessing....so I need to put a THIRD wire or strap into the middle terminal and over to where the original green one was ? Work the old wire out of the connector that holds it to the wall of the dryer, and set it aside for possible future use. I just went to change my 4 prong plug to a 3 prong and discovered the fourth, green grounding wire was connected in the same spot as the white wire, as opposed to being connected to the dryer frame. One suggestion is where the "jumper" from the center terminal to the frame is, and then remove that jumper from the center terminal. Most machines have a double set of terminals; one set for the cord and one (that is actually connected to the first set) for the dryer parts. Thank you. ELITEVER NEMA 14-30P to 10-30R 4-Prong Electric Dryer Adapter, Dryer Outlet Adapter Connects 3 P… With the power off, plug the dryer into the wall outlet and turn the breaker back on. I bought a drier with a 4 prone cord an had a 3 prone receptical do u need a ground to hook up for the drier to work. A screwdriver and a pair of pliers will do the job, although some nut drivers would be nice. The washer hooked up great but the dryer couldn't get set up because of the strange 3 prog plug. If you try to go the other way, from a 3 to a 4 prong, the wiring in the wall is missing a ground so the 4 prong outlet, requiring a ground, will not have one. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on August 23, 2017: It is fine as long as the ground strap does not contact the screws where the other wires are terminated. When the directions are followed, the neutral wire serves as a ground so the wall outlet does not need one. Where does the green wire hook to? Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. We have a 4 prong dryer and need to put on a 3 prong cord. How is that supposed to fit? In place of that wire a ground strap or short piece of #10 wire (preferably green) must be installed. Question: What if the dryer still doesn't turn on after doing everything correctly? Question: I noticed that my three-prong dryer cord doesn't match my three-prong outlet. My washer plug is three pin. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on August 06, 2017: The panel cover is acceptable if there is nowhere else. The pictures of the plug will thus be backwards from the picture (or view) of the outlet. Does it require a 10 AWG wire or can I use the copper that they have in the dryer already? Question: I have a 4 wire feed (white, red, black, bare ground) in my wall for the dryer, female wall plug only has connections for 3 wires (3 prong plug) I know to hook up the ground then red and black hot wires but where does the white wire go, or can it be capped off and tucked away? I'm having trouble finding a cord however. And of course it is always possible it was time for the dryer to die. Question: I just got a new stackable washer & dryer. Answer: No. Question: I am trying to convert my three cord dryer to a four cord, but I don't have a housing unit that the cords screw into to make a male connection. Without a ground, the new three wire cord has no other way to ground the frame of the dryer. Question: The white wire that is behind the white wire on the four wire plug that I am removing for the three prong plug.... can that be used for the ground wire? Buy and use the adapter at your own risk; I wouldn't use it. Everything I see is that the unit is already grounded to the machine thus you just hook up the three wires. Any wires coming from the dryer mechanism should be left just as they are; simply connect the cord "ground" (or neutral if that's what it actually is) to the center terminal with a jumper to the framework of the dryer. There is no green (ground) in the 3 wire cord. Leave the ground jumper where it is, going from the center terminal to the frame. It is much cheaper, easy to do and provides the safest method of using the new dryer. Yes, leave the green/yellow wire where it is. Once the four-wire cord is removed, it is time to install the new three-wire cord and plug. I put the ground green/yellow stripe ground wire from the dryer with the white wire in the middle as instructed. - I just read my Whirlpool Dryer install instructions and does not mentioned anything about the ground for the 3 receptable to the dryer´s frame. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on February 10, 2018: Hi Kay. The green wire goes to the frame of the dryer; any place on the frame that it can be attached. Remove the four-prong cord from the connection box. Connect the outer two wires—the hot wires—on the three-prong cord to the outer two screws, one on each screw. This orange adapter also comes with a grounding cable, allowing you to ground your dryer for … Remove the cover plate from the wire terminal block, exposing the wires inside. If I can't get to it for a few days and the dryer is used (I'm out of town) does it pose a major "code red" situation? Is there a workaround for this at all? Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on September 05, 2017: It may be redundant...or it may not. My dryer has a FOUR WIRE CONNECTION AND THEY ARE COLOR CODED I NEED TO ATTACH A 3 WIRE AND THEY ARE NOT COLOR CODE. The cable is STW 10/3 Anti-cold weather which stays flexible in cold weather 10 AWG, 30 Amp, copper wire with 600 Volt Jacket. Samsung shows a picture of my dryer but doesn't show how to change it. You must have two wires providing 240V for the heating element and a supply, using the neutral, for 120V for the controls. With the appliance unplugged, use a nut driver to remove the electrical connection cover plate to gain access to the electrical connections. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on October 01, 2017: As long as there is a wire from the frame to the center terminal, where the white wire was, it is sufficient. The only negative is that when you move again, you may need that 4-wire cord once more. Again, assuming you are using a dryer intended for the US market. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on August 29, 2018: Absolutely it is safe if done correctly. Question: You say there is no adapter, 4 to 3 prong, but I have found several! Now obviously I need to switch the new 4 prong plug to a 3 prong plug. A nut driver or socket is preferred but a pair of pliers is usually sufficient to loosen and remove the wires. It is also possible that it is not. Product Overview This AC WORKS dryer adapter is 1.5 ft. in length. What the three-wire connection will look like, including a metal ground strap (circled) between the dryer frame and the white wire. It is wise to turn the power off at this point, just in case something has been wired wrong. with additional grounding wire. Instead, remove the ground strap from that terminal, remove the green wire from there, and put the green wire to where the other end of the ground strap attaches to the frame of the dryer. I simply created my own double ended green wire, attached the one end along with the white center wire and the other end jumpered over to the frame where the dryer control white ground wire was screwed to. I bought a new Samsung washer and dryer set. Unfortunately there are only 3 of the 4 wires necessary in the wall - what they did to hook it up is impossible to know. Dryer plug NEMA 14-30R to adapter NEMA 10-30P plug. I bought a new 3 prong power cord with the L shape but of course it won't fit. Answer: I have not found any adapters that are UL listed, meaning they do not meet the safety regulations of the National Electric Code. Question: My new dryer has three terminals on the back, but I must use a four prong cord. In any case, the new center wire on the 3 wire cord will go to the center terminal, with a jumper from there to the frame of the dryer - the green screw on the frame would be the best place to put the other end of the jumper. Question: Would a jumper be copper from the middle white to the frame? I have put the green wire back where it had been. I dont know what to do next. 1 product rating - 3-PIN 10-50P RANGE STOVE PLUG CORD ADAPTER to 4-PRONG 14-30R DRYER RECEPTACLE. I'm attempting to change a 4 prong cord to a 3 prong cord on a Kenmore elite dryer. Europe runs on a 240V system, which is why there is no 120V available there. My Dryer has a 3 prong to 4 prong plug setup and my dryer is not working right, what am I doing wrong? Do I have to ground it to the body of the dryer, or can I just hook the new three prong cord up and roll with it? I'm assuming the green dryer is attached to the framework of the dryer somewhere - not to one of the terminals the other wires use. I just moved into an older apartment. Is there an adapter for the new L style cord to fit into the straight prong outlet or replace the outlet itself? Question: Will not hooking up the second ground wire to the middle changing a 4-1 to a 3-1 cause the dryer to not heat? Do you have any suggestions? The wiring I see sold are just normal bald wire tipped. My understanding is that my dryer's plug is too new for the apartment. I´m worry about the ground cable. Amazon used to carry one, and it still shows up, but has been unavailable for some time now. If you have a voltmeter, each of the outside two terminals should show 120V to ground or neutral, or 240V between the two. There IS no neutral in the wall, so any "neutral" in the adapter is not one at all. Answer: First, you should understand that it is not legal today to put a three prong outlet in the wall; if there are four wires there, then they must all be used, and a four wire dryer cord be used to connect to the dryer. In any case, however, can putting a jumper from the center terminal to the frame of the dryer cause any problems, so do that to make sure the dryer is grounded. Can't seem to find any info online confirming or denying the safety/correctness of an adapter. What's up is that in 1999 the National Electric Code instituted a change, requiring all new dryers and home dryer receptacles to have 4 prongs instead of the older 3-prong style. I used the ground strap from the old dryer that i put the 3 prong on. But even if it is already there it cannot hurt to put another one in - be sure to install that jumper! If it is hanging free, use a screw to attach it to the frame somewhere and add that jumper wire. EASTMAN. I can only conclude that the outlet has no power getting to it. 3-Slot vs. 4-Slot Dryer Outlets: What's the Difference? Most three-wire cords do not have colored wires, so instead of matching colors identify the wires using the relative position of the wires in the cord. Some, though, simply use one set and put both dryer wires and cord wires on the same terminal post. Problem is that the adapter, when 4 prong (dryer) to 3 (wall outlet), must use the ground as a neutral, and that isn't legal to do which in turn means there can be no UL label. Or perhaps a nearby home improvement carries ground straps? Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on October 30, 2017: It's supposed to be a #10 but, yes, a short piece of #12 will work. A dryer cord does not do that and won't fit even though it looks similar. Although the plugs may LOOK similar, they won't fit unless specifically made for a dryer. 6 Ft. 4-Wire 30 AMP Electric Dryer Cord. Hi I have a quick question. That yellow wire is going to be there to run something inside the dryer; likely the electronics but could be something else. Is that a problem? Problem is that the adapter, when 4 prong (dryer) to 3 (wall outlet), must use the ground as a neutral, and that isn't legal to do which in turn means there can be no UL label. Should I be worried? I got a dryer that had a four wire plug and i changed it to a three wire cause my wall was three. Pay particular attention to where the white and green wires go. $88.84 $75.29. That is why the article was written; to explain how to do it safely. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on August 16, 2018: If it is at least 10 gauge wire, Mark, you could. Is it still necessary to connect ground strap or jumper to neutral post? or do I need to find a green wire with the same type of tabs? Don’t sacrifice quality due to similar appearance. Ground straps are available from Amazon (search there for "ground strap" and short pieces of wire are usually available at home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. of course I'd have to mix those two terms up thanks for the help the tutorial was great. All you are doing is providing a ground for the chassis of the dryer. I don't see it getting that hot in only a few seconds, which would seem to indicate that that sensor or the switch is bad. What he is ignoring is that a dryer also requires 120 volts, and that the wire providing that (the neutral) is missing. The four-pronged cord has been loosened from the dryer wall and is ready to be disconnected from the terminals. Answer: No. That is a photo of a range outlet, not a dryer outlet. After removing the retaining screw, simply slide the slotted side of the plate from the slot on the dryer. Their prices are per foot. If you choose to use one anyway, follow directions (some have an extra ground wire that must be plugged into the ground hold of a nearby outlet). I was told by the previous owner the dryer is 4 or 5 years old. Redundant grounds can never hurt, but seldom add much, either - putting two wires where one will do fine is just such a case. This one is typical: an advertisement from China, in broken English, claiming to have a UL approval but failing to stamp it on their product as required by UL. Do not operate the dryer without it - if necessary cut a piece off your old 4 wire cord but do NOT leave that ground jumper off. I didn't notice at the time, as the gentleman at the store said it would work fine when I told him what I was doing. Question: Can I use a bolt and nut to hold the bottom wire in place, or is that dangerous given that electricity is involved? You'll notice the white machine wire serves as the case ground connection, unlike the 4-prong cord connection, in which a separate green wire made the ground connection. Nor does my manual. Do not ignore this step! @lpHeisel: It is possible that you have not connected the center wire properly, or just have a bad connection in one of the three wires. Locate the white machine wire that is now connected to the neutral, or center, screw terminal. Answer: Impossible to say, although it is likely. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on July 04, 2017: Yes, the neutral is connected to ground...in your panel box. Answer: You can, and it will be wired the same way the article describes for a three-wire dryer cord. Answer: You cannot change a 3 wire outlet to a 4 wire outlet without running new wire from the panel to the outlet - there are only 3 wires there and you need 4. If that's the case, damn. What should I do? Question: I am changing a four prong dryer cord to a three prong cord. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on October 22, 2018: Leave all wires alone that are not a part of the new cord. I hooked up the 3-prong to the back red wire on the top and the white in the middle, and black on the bottom. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on September 11, 2018: @Lisa: There are few adapters out there, but the biggest problem is that they are not UL listed as they do not follow current National Electric Code. Hi dan, i have a dryer i got from my inlaws next door, at yheir house its on a 4 prong and works great, i followed your steps and when put in my home on a 3 prong it runs for a minute and shuts off, i took it back to their house and it works just fine there, but still shuts off at my house... any idea what i might be dealing with? I can't seem to find a cord to go with my plug. For some reason this just doesn’t seem right. This isn't the first time I've heard that manufacturers are not including that jumper in their instructions. The dryer is new, 4 prong, we switch to 3 prong. By using The Spruce, you accept our, How to Change a 4-Prong Dryer Cord to Fit a 3-Slot Outlet. New to us house. HOW DO I KNOW HOW TO CONNECT THE 3 WIRES CORRECTLY. While it was still running, i pulled out the lint filter and alot of stuff blew out then it shut off. Begin by unplugging the dryer. Answer: Yes. You can use a #10 wire instead of a strap. Answer: Are your connections tight? It's not difficult and would prevent future problems with the dryer not fitting the wall outlet. Neither the dryer vent or vent elbows are expensive; consider replacing them or at a minimum clean out the vent hose and the vent opening outside your home. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on November 06, 2019: The only wires that should be disconnected are those that were the 4 prong cord you removed. You might try taking the front (or back, depending on model) off and see if anything inside has come apart. Squeeze the two halves together with pliers and insert the two screws into the holes. Could you see if this is a problem? Very easy to convert. Dan - many thanks! Remove each wire from the screw or stud holding it, making sure to save all nuts or screws. posted by dubusadus at 2:53 PM on August 3, 2013 Insert the loose end of the 3-prong cord through the installation hole found in the electrical connection access box. 6-ft 3-Prong Gray Dryer Appliance Power Cord. Is this okay to buy instead of a dryer cord and rewiring as you described? Next, disconnect the red wire—another of the "hot" connections—from the right side post by removing the terminal screw. We put on the 3 prong but aren't sure if we did the ground correctly. I'd check those for a start - there isn't much else that could go wrong after 30 minutes and be a cause of the failure. You MUST have either a wire (preferably green) or a ground strap to go from the center terminal to the grounding point - the "green nail". or just pinching it? That raises the possibility of liability, which few companies are willing to do. It is curious that a four wire cord had that jumper, and that the green and white were terminated together. Test the dryer for proper operation and you're done. I noticed when I was putting the center neutral wire on that there had been a yellow wire from the machine connected to center location should it still be connected to that center wire? Is it ok for the material between the ends of a ground strap to "hang loose" inside the panel? There was a green and yellow wire at the neutral/center terminal. You most definitely CAN change the cord, though - cords are readily available, it is a simple task and is quite legal and safe to change the cord out. When I installed the 3 prong, I followed your advice and connected a jumper wire from the neutral connection of the dryer to green ground wire at frame. The other wires I am attaching (that come with the cord) have a tab to screw into the bolt. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on August 22, 2017: Because there is no ground available in the outlet box. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on June 17, 2018: Yes. Beyond that, the three wires that go to such an outlet are the black, red and white: there is no ground terminal on a three wire dryer outlet. Disconnect the white wire from the center connection. I would add a jumper, just in case. Question: I am changing a four prong to a three prong, but the green and white wires from the cord were both attached to the center connection on the dryer. I have a 30-year-old Maytag dryer. From your description it is what you have, and no further action need be taken. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on July 31, 2017: Sounds like you have an older 10-50R outlet in the wall, for a range, and it is likely on a 50 amp breaker. Dryer Adapter Cord: Connect the 3 prong Nema 10-30P male plug to the female wall outlet of Nema 10-30R, and plug your dryer 4 prong Nema 14-30P plug to the female cable socket (Nema 14-30R). In both cases, then, it is illegal to install the outlet. I am happy that my socket is ok...I was a bit concerned! Answer: That is the preferred method of grounding the dryer. One end terminates to the center terminal, with the center wire, and the other end goes to the frame of the dryer. I left the grounding strap assembled and just doubled up the green and white wires on the middle terminal block position. But nothing for a dryer. The bottom connector came out and won’t stay in place now. Same thing: no UL label and increased liability. The 3-prong does not have a green wire. I was only looking at the ones that were clearly marked...the smaller ones that are not so clear are different ...15 and 20 amp ...sorry! Hi Dan, I used your article to hook up a dryer in a rental unit that my brother moved to. You need to find out just where those three wires in the outlet are going in the electrical panel and get a 3 wire outlet, properly wired, into the wall, followed by a 3 wire cord to the dryer.

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