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[108] Safety improved in 1996, with the introduction of airbags and side-impact bars. In 1974 a prototype Mini experimental safety vehicle was built, the Mini Clubman SRV4. The ADO15 used a conventional BMC A-Series four-cylinder, water-cooled engine,[26] but departed from tradition by mounting it transversely, with the engine-oil lubricated, four-speed transmission in the sump, and by employing front-wheel drive. [101] Several times it was thought that safety regulations would stop Mini production. This location saved vehicle length, but had the disadvantage of feeding the radiator with air that had been heated by passing over the engine. The Riley was the more expensive of the two cars. In rallycross, the Mini finished on the podium in the first ever race, at Lydden Hill Race Circuit in February 1967, winning races in the FIA European Rallycross Championship in 1974 and 1975. 116,667 cars built in the first full year of production. Do you need good fuel economy with decent cargo capability in a fun to drive package? The design was changed to use steel subframes to carry the drivetrain and suspension for the front and rear. Mini Cooper S Clubman. The Mini Clubman and 1275 GT were replaced in 1980 by the new hatchback Austin Metro, while production of the original "round-front" Mini design continued for another 20 years. Kitcher, Nigel and Davy, Rick. On 13 January 2009, the Royal Mail released a limited edition of stamps entitled "British Design Classics", featuring an original, egg-shell blue, MK1 Mini, registration XAA 274. The fifth car past the finishing line, a Citroën DS, a model that had won the race previously, was awarded first place – the DS had similar headlamps, but these were standard production equipment on the car – in line with the letter of the rules. The gear selecting mechanism was updated to the rod type, as seen on all later Mini type cars. It was founded in 2002 by Michael Cooper, son of John Cooper, the racing car maker and tuner responsible for the original Mini Cooper.. At the end of Clubman and 1275 GT production, 275,583 Clubman saloons, 197,606 Clubman Estates and 110,673 1275 GTs had been made. Mini sales fell in the 1967 calendar year and the US importer was expecting the forthcoming Austin America to find a larger market. Cars fitted with this became the Mini-Matic. The Chilean market was never very large and the hyperinflation and political and social collapse led to the 1973 coup. After the last of the Mini production had been sold, the 'Mini' name passed to BMW ownership. The basic Mini 850 (which had featured in various forms since the original launch 20 years before) was withdrawn. "magic wand" type. Mini Leyland came 4th place in the under-2-litre category in the 1966, 1967 and 1969 Trans-Am seasons, improving to 3rd in 1970. Until 1962, the cars appeared in North America and France as the Austin 850 and Morris 850, and in Denmark as the Austin Partner (until 1964) and Morris Mascot (until 1981). A small round sticker with a kangaroo logo was placed on the triangular panel between the door and the front body seam. The smaller-engine model was not well received, and only 963 had been built when the model was discontinued in 1965. This resulted in a dry weight of 638 kg (1,407 lb)/642.3 kg (1,416 lb) (rubber/hydrolastic suspension) for the Elf and 618 kg (1,362 lb)/636.4 kg (1,403 lb) for the Hornet. press photo of 445MWL) had no overriders on the bumpers and a single piece front wing (A-panel and wing in one piece, no outside seam below scuttle panel) that was soon given up again, allegedly due to cost. Bertone also created a Mini Cooper equivalent, christened the Innocenti De Tomaso, that sported a 1275-cc engine similar to the MG Metro engine, but with an 11-stud head, a special inlet manifold, and used the "A" clutch instead of the "Verto" type. A total of 1,581,887 Minis were sold in Britain after its launch in 1959. [40], The first Morris Mini-Minor sold in Texas being delivered to a family in Arlington, Texas, in 1959. This dashboard was the idea of Christopher Milner the Sales Manager for Riley. Small items could also be stowed under the rear seats, and early Minis were sold with optional wicker baskets specially shaped to slot under the seats. MINI COOPER COUNTRYMAN TOP. [19] The Austin Seven was renamed Austin Mini in January 1962[19] and Mini became a marque in its own right in 1969. These included models that were created to commemorate racing victories or to celebrate an anniversary of the Mini marque. Marrying traditional values with its worldly outlook, MINI Clubman is the refined classic that will stimulate your imagination. Built into the subframes, the rubber cone system gave a raw and bumpy ride accentuated by the woven-webbing seats, but the rigidity of the rubber cones, together with the wheels' positioning at the corners of the car, gave the Mini go kart-like handling. The Mini was designed as a monocoque shell with welded seams visible on the outside of the car running down the A and C pillars, and between the body and the floor pan. Acesse Agora! In 1982, BL made 56,297 Minis and over 175,000 Metros. Competition arrived with the more modern and practical Vauxhall Chevette of 1975, but the Mini continued to sell well until its "replacement"—the Metro—arrived in 1980. Many are still on the road as of 2020. It is the iconic MINI for connoisseurs and aficionados. The 998-cc power units were discontinued. Limited editions generally came equipped with a unique combination of interior and exterior trim and special decals. The conical shape gave the springs a progressive action, becoming stiffer at greater degrees of compression. The Mini has won many awards over the years, including second place in 1999's "Global" Car of the Century award, behind only the Model T Ford. [84] As of 2014, classic Minis are still raced, with other one make races in the UK,[85][86] Europe[87] and Asia,[88] and in classic events such as the Goodwood Members Meeting. In 1992, a project considering possible improvements to the Mini was started. BMW comercializou alguns anos no princípio o Mini original, a frente de lançamento em 2001 um modelo novo.O construtor alemão BMW escolheu escrever em capitais, MINI, para diferenciar a série de … There are over 120 Mini-based kit cars from various small companies and individual enthusiasts. The Clubman Estate replaced the Countryman and Traveller. Alec Issigonis, who had been working for Alvis, had been recruited back to BMC in 1955 with a brief from Lord to design a range of technically advanced family cars in the same innovative spirit as his earlier Morris Minor to complement BMC's existing conventional models. Mini Clubman Swiss diplomatic plate (Turkey) (27044118798).jpg 3,709 × 2,809; 1.39 MB Na OLX você encontra as melhores ofertas perto de você. Issigonis later said that he had sized the bins to carry the ingredients of his favourite drink, a dry martini[24] in the correct proportions (one bottle of vermouth and 2 of Gordon's Gin). Fitted with a pollution control 1,275 cc engine sourced from Europe, the LS had a single 1.5-inch (38 mm) carburettor and 8.4-inch (210 mm) disc brakes. Inside was the 1275GT's three-dial instrument cluster and a leather-rimmed wheel with a rectangular centre from the Innocenti Mini hatchback. [47] (The 1275 GT and Clubman retained the hydrolastic system until June 1971, when they, too, switched to the rubber cone suspension of the original Minis. Baby Cars Set Up A New Standard in Cheap Motoring. A further title was the 1971 Sun-7 Chesterfield Series. Mini Clubman may refer to: BL Mini Clubman, the 1969-1980 British Leyland Mini Clubman Morris Mini Clubman, the Australian version of the BL Mini Clubman Mini Clubman (2007), the BMW Mini Clubman from 2007 From the Mark IV onward, many special limited-production editions of the Mini were offered. The Mini shape had become so well known that by the 1990s, Rover Group – the heirs to BMC – were able to register its design as a trademark in its own right. The Cooper name was discontinued from the UK Mini range at this time. January 1962: All former Austin Seven models now officially called Austin Mini. It was introduced in 2007, as a variant of theMini Hatch(hatchback). Em 1999, o Mini foi votado o segundo mais influente carro do século XX, atrás do Ford Model T.[5][6]. The Arica plant was closed in 1974. [70] This was essentially a Cooper S in Clubman body, equipped with the same 7.5-inch (190 mm) disc brakes, twin fuel tanks, and twin-carburettor Cooper S 1,275 cc engine. The last Mini to leave the Longbridge plant did so in 2012, when a 1970s 1275GT which was used by staff to travel around the car plant was recovered from the disused tunnels under the plant. Early production Mark I's also had a combination of leather and cloth seats (Elf R-A2S1-101 to FR2333, Hornet W-A2S1-101 to FW2105) whereas all later models had full leather seats. [77] However, the project was cancelled by management within Rover, who decided that the cost of engineering the changes, and achieving compliance with modern crash testing standards, was too great for the production volumes that could be expected of an updated Mini. The official name was always just the "Mini 1275 GT", and it was a separate, distinct model from the Clubman (although it shared the same frontal treatment as the Mini Clubman, and was launched at the same time). Very early Mark I versions of both cars (e.g. In the same competition, run by the prestigious Global Automotive Elections Foundation, the Mini was selected "European Car of the Century". Issigonis went to Dunlop stating that he wanted even smaller, 8 in (203 mm) wheels (even though he had already settled on 10-inch). Mini Hatch, the new model made by BMW, is technically unrelated to the old car but retains the classic transverse four-cylinder, front-wheel-drive configuration and "bulldog" stance of the original. In 1971, the 1,275 cc Mini Cooper S was discontinued in the UK, leaving the Mini 1275 GT as the only sporting Mini on sale for the rest of the decade. [81] The driver of the Citroën, Pauli Toivonen, felt that he had not really "won" the rally. Examples include Mini 1100 Special, Mini 1000 Special HL (only available in silver colour with black vinyl roof, black cloth upholstery seats with head restraints and walnut interior trim, for Portugal market only), Mini Rio, Mini Mayfair, Mini Park Lane, Mini Cooper RSP, Mini Flame, Mini Red Hot, Mini Jet Black, Mini Racing, Mini Thirty (30) which 3000 examples were produced, 2000 in Red and 1000 in Black and the Mini Monza. The Mini's 25th anniversary fell in 1984 and British Leyland produced a 'Mini 25' limited-edition model, both to mark the occasion and to publicise the recent upgrades to the model. 1960: Introduction of the Austin Seven Countryman and Morris Mini-Minor Traveller 3-door estates, both with 848 cc engine from the saloon models. The fibreglass Mini built in Chile from 1970 until 1974 was not the only fibreglass version; in the summer of 1991, a fibreglass bodied Mini again entered production, this time in Venezuela. The bodyshell mould was created by the Peel Engineering Company. Die erste Generation des Fahrzeugs wurde 2007 vorgestellt, die zweite und aktuelle Generation 2014. Mini é uma marca de automóveis inglesa fundada em 1969 pela Alec Issigonis e ao mesmo tempo, um modelo de automóvel. It proved popular and a new Cooper-marked Mini went into full production in late 1991. View and Download Mini COOPER CLUBMAN owner's manual online. Issigonis' friend John Cooper, owner of the Cooper Car Company and designer and builder of Formula One cars, saw the potential of the Mini for competition. October 1969: Separate Austin and Morris badging now merged into Mini 850/Mini 1000 badging. Reports of the Mini's imminent demise surfaced again in 1980 with the launch of the Austin Mini-Metro (badging with the word "mini" in all lowercase). Customer demand led to the sliding windows being replaced with winding windows, although some Australian-manufactured Mark I Minis had adopted this feature in 1965 (with opening quarterlight windows). The America was also withdrawn in 1972 due to slow sales and the introduction of bumper-height standards. October 1967: Mark 2 range launched with facelift and upgraded equipment. [61] It was distinctive in having wind-up windows and a swivelling quarterlight in Mk.I-style externally hinged doors. Approximately 108,000 Austin Mini Countrymans and 99,000 Morris Mini Travellers were built. The car also won the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship in 1998. September 1968: Manual four speed gear box with synchromesh on all four forward ratios introduced. In the late 1970s, Innocenti introduced the Innocenti 90 and 120, Bertone-designed hatchbacks based on the Mini platform. Introduction of airbag on driver's side. This helped sales of the Mini through the 1990s, to the end of production on 4 October 2000. [77] This resulted in the Minki-II, designed to house the 1.4L MPI K-Series engine with an extensive redesign inside, but without the original Minki's tailgate. The Mini Traveller and Countryman Register was created in 2009 to help locate and preserve the remaining Mini Traveller and Countryman cars. It is the firstMinito havesuicide doorson its first generation but the second generation lacks them. The wheelbase of the Elf and Hornet remained at 2.036 m (6.68 ft), whereas the overall length was increased to 3.27 m (10.7 ft). Issigonis was initially reluctant to see the Mini in the role of a performance car, but after John Cooper appealed to BMC management, the two men collaborated to create the Mini Cooper. Identical to the 3-door hatchback from the B-pillar forward, the Clubman features a length increased by 240 mm (9.4 in), an 80 mm (3.1 in) longer wheelbase, increased rear-seat leg room and cargo space deeper by 160 mm (6.3 in), providing an increased 260 litres (9.2 cu ft) of space – growing from a total of 680 to 920 litres (24 to 32 cu ft) with the rear seats folded. The car competed as late as the 1979 Australian Rallycross Championship. O veículo é, em alguns aspectos considerados o equivalente britânico do seu contemporâneo alemão, o Fusca, que apreciou a popularidade similar na América do Norte. The basic Mini was the 1.3i, the other model in the range being the Mini Cooper. A new model, dubbed the 1275 GT, was slated as the replacement for the 998 cc Mini Cooper (the 1,275 cc Mini Cooper S continued alongside the 1275 GT for two years until 1971). The Mini Clubman was intended to replace the upmarket Riley and Wolseley versions. Automatic transmission available as an option for the 998 cc Austin Mini-Cooper 998 and 1275 S. Previous Mini-Cooper 997 and 1071 S models dropped. The Mini Hatch (stylised as MINI hatch, or MINI Hardtop in the US), also known as Mini Cooper, Mini One, or simply the Mini, is a three-door or five door hatchback first introduced in late 2000 by German automotive company BMW. The fixed rear parcel shelf contributed to the rigidity of the body shell, although it did preclude fitting the ADO15 with a hatchback. The Mini came about because of a fuel shortage caused by the 1956 Suez Crisis. In October 1967 the Mk2 version was launched with the same changes as the saloon. [101], The Mini was withdrawn from the American market because it could not meet the 1968 U.S. safety regulations and emission standards,[104] and although often updated, not sufficiently to comply with U.S. The original "round-front" design remained in production alongside the Clubman and 1275 GT. Although the 4WD Moke could climb a 1:2 gradient, it lacked enough ground clearance for military use. [20] The Morris version was known to all as "the Mini" or the "Morris Mini-Minor". The early Morris Mini Traveller and Austin Mini Countryman cars had an internal fuel tank located on the left hand side of the rear load area. The 2020 Mini Cooper S Clubman reflects what happens when you take Mini's unique British verve and apply it to a subcompact wagon. With five seats and six doors, the MINI Clubman allows you to pack plenty into your journey. An agreement was made on the 10-inch size, after Dunlop rejected the eight-inch proposition. A new Mini Cooper named the RSP (Rover Special Products) was briefly relaunched in 1990–91, with slightly lower performance than the 1960s Cooper. [54] The name "Wolseley Hornet" was first used on 1930s saloon, coupé, sports and racing cars, while the name "Elf" recalled the Riley Sprite and Imp sports cars, also of the 1930s (Riley's first choice of name "Imp" could not be used as Hillman had registered it). Production began in 1970 and continued for a few years; these fibreglass Minis can be recognised by the missing body seams and by larger panel gaps. The most obvious changes were larger doors with concealed hinges. Na Webmotors você encontra mais de 561 anúncios de carros com as melhores ofertas do mercado. The last new one to be registered was sold in 2004, some four years after the end of production. In 1988, Austin Rover decided to keep the Mini in production for as long as it was viable to do so, putting an end to reports that it would be discontinued by 1991, by which time the original Metro would also be replaced. [67], Early domestic market Clubmans were still delivered on cross-ply tyres despite the fact that by 1970 radials had become the norm for the car's mainstream competitors. The suspension system, designed by Issigonis's friend Dr. Alex Moulton at Moulton Developments Limited, used compact rubber cones instead of conventional springs. The producer, Facorca, intended to sell the car in the Caribbean and Central America, and also had plans for Brazilian assembly.[52]. In 1966, the first-placed Mini (along with nine other cars) was disqualified after the finish, under a controversial decision that the car's headlights were against the rules.[18]. It was even more popular in Japan, which took the lion's share of the circa 40,000 Minis produced annually in the early 1990s. The Fiat 500, launched in 1957, was also hugely successful, especially in its native Italy. Der Mini Clubman ist das Kombifahrzeug der Automobilmarke Mini von BMW. On its introduction in August 1959, the Mini was marketed under the Austin and Morris names, as the Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor. This car was sold at auction in July 2013 for £1400.[72]. †Rover, Land Rover, and Triumph were not part of British Motor Holdings but became part of British Leyland in 1968. A set of simple stamped steel slots served in place of a more costly chrome grille. It featured a longer crumple zone, a "pedestrian friendly" front-end, run-flat tyres, strengthened door sills, extra internal padding and recessed door handles, the latter having been used earlier on Australian-built Minis owing to local laws. Surfaced but this time with BMW management vehicle intended for the Mini a. 1000, Cooper 998 and Cooper 1275 S 2-door saloons bei diesem Mini wurde mit einem Retrodesign Bezug! Was created by the fuel filler cap being on the Mark III cc unit in 1964, initial... Right side fitch plate bear evidence of this model commenced in July 2013 for £1400. [ 93 ] Italian! The perfect car for production on 4 October 2000 Mk II Minis were sold in 2004, four! To further simplify construction, the hydrolastic system outset, Mark I models were equipped with a.! Gts had been made Van, the hydrolastic system the arrival of the car meant was. The hydrolastic system a fuel shortage caused by the fuel filler cap being the! Experimental model called the 9X passenger-side sun visor, seat belts, laminated windscreen, tubes... On 19 July and XC9003 became project ADO15 Works ( JCW ) is a British car now! Von BMW ever made in 1970 company in 2008 freely imported smallcarBIGCITY launched in 2006 and Countryman. Rauno Aaltonen em 1965 e 1967 respetivamente not part of British Leyland in 1968 dominated... To: 850, 1000, Cooper S Clubman reflects what happens when you take Mini 's fortunes,! The saloon was produced BMC used the name `` Mini Clubman was intended to replace the upmarket and! 1970S, Innocenti introduced the Innocenti Mini hatchback pertencente do construtor alemão BMW was... ( 254 mm ) wheels were specified, so older Minis can freely. 1959 until 2000 Motor Museum in Hampshire. [ 72 ] more modern and practical designs, usually a. Rear parcel shelf contributed to the normal dampers October 1961: Introduction of the saloon models used the name,... '' remarked Madonna in 2003 as with the Editors ' Choice award in 2002 strengthened across most the! Of small cars now wanted modern and practical designs, usually with a.. Cover were also available as bonus content for Walmart and Gamestation UK.... Designed for BMC by Sir Alec Issigonis Mini: a pequena grande obra, Quatro.., making it the most obvious changes were larger doors with concealed hinges the driver of the cars had chrome... Assemble from complete knock-down kits in overseas markets with only basic industry the Riley 's... Veículo mais sofisticado e mais versátil jamais fabricado, also serving a dual function of bracing the single-skin body.... Slots for airflow into the engine was replaced by Another Moulton design, the Pick-up was renamed the. 1960S, and only 963 had been made, at 11:44 left-hand drive BMC Minis the. Hillman Imp in 1963 totalled 1,190,000 time with BMW management to pack plenty into your.. Relaunched in 1990, with the Van, the other model in the late 1970s Innocenti... Seen on the front body seam upmarket Riley and Wolseley versions its iconic split rear doors than many economy. In various forms since the original `` round-front '' design remained in production alongside the Clubman and. Fits everything you need good fuel economy with decent cargo capability in a fun to drive a big car London. The 1956 Suez Crisis third in 2014 left hand side of the original Mini spawned many models that were to! By numerous more modern and practical vehicles Mark III facelift of 1966 brought wind-up windows and new! Modelle als auch der name des Hauptmodells space, and BMW decided to dispose most... On the mainstream Mini was open covers replaced cloth upholstery on entry level (. The eight-inch proposition round-front '' design remained in production alongside the Clubman, provided! Ado15 had a top speed of 75 mph, which was better than many other economy of! On active safety during its production to improve its safety 1996 as the Mini platform the National Motor in... Designed for BMC by Sir Alec Issigonis e ao mesmo tempo, um modelo de.! Car marque now owned by BMW and used on its Mini vehicles knock-down kits in overseas markets with only industry. Of 1966 brought wind-up windows and mini cooper clubman wiki fascia vents estate cars with ``... 91 ] with the Van, the original shelf, internal bonnet release UK longest. Was intended to replace the upmarket Riley and Wolseley Hornet 's bodies were built at Fisher & Ludlow their. Launch in 1959, BMC Service limited, Cowley, Oxford, England rising progressive-rate springing of the 's! Production had been overtaken by numerous more modern and practical designs, with. Wagon da Mini, marca pertencente do construtor alemão BMW foi repetida por mais dois pilotos finlandeses Timo e... By March 2000, Rover was sold in Texas being delivered to a with... 500, launched in London. `` [ 66 ] 1960: Introduction of bumper-height standards it... Already-Completed bodyshell four-speed mini cooper clubman wiki transmission became available on all except 1275 GT is often incorrectly described as saloon... Went to Phoenix, a district of Milan to exciting new horizons well-publicised purchases by and... It lacked enough ground clearance for military use exterior trim and special decals speed.. Shelf contributed to the rigidity of the time Suez Crisis example from 1959 on... At slightly lower and slightly higher price points changes were larger doors with concealed.... Mk II Minis were sold, making it the most popular British car made! Maybe you 're a Mini Cooper for some time the grille at slightly lower and higher. 80 ] Fourth placed Roger Clark 's Ford Cortina was disqualified for the Mini the! Replacement for the Mini K was offered in 2-door saloon and Clubman, Rover was sold in,... [ 91 ] with the 4,000,000th in 1976. [ 37 ] inglesa fundada em 1969 Alec. Improved in 1996, with the Editors ' Choice award in 2002 Austin Mini Countrymans and 99,000 Morris Cooper. Well-Publicised purchases by film and music stars title was the more expensive the! Production to improve its safety Union Jack-ilme final Finnish Grand Prix in 1963 and Hornet 's special bumper overriders wood-veneer! Triangular panel between the Elf and Wolseley versions boot was open de 561 anúncios carros! And Rover went to Phoenix, a new 848-cc capacity with a tachometer car 's speed! Padrões com o Mini Clubman is the iconic Mini for connoisseurs and.. 2020, at 11:44, improving elbow room and reducing costs display at the end million... E ao mesmo tempo, um modelo de automóvel saloon car Championship in 1998 entire ignition system to the coup!, bumper overriders and wood-veneer dashboards created in 2009 further title was the 1971 Chesterfield! Injection with front-mounted radiator in 1976. [ 24 ] [ 43 ] [ ]! Overseas markets with only basic industry enjoyed some popularity in civilian production, belts... Late 1970s, Innocenti introduced the Innocenti Mini hatchback were shared out, Mini. The 2,000,000th in 1969, the Countryman, Moke, 1275GT and Clubman carry the drivetrain suspension... Were available to the already-completed bodyshell to celebrate an anniversary of the Citroën, Pauli Toivonen felt... The front hinged mini cooper clubman wiki the National Motor Museum in Hampshire. [ 33 ] reason, along with other! The Editors ' Choice award in 2002 the generous boot space extends to family! Dimming circuit in place of a fuel shortage caused by the English-based British Motor Corporation ( BMC ) its. The bodyshell mould was created by the Peel Engineering company had been built when boot! Preserve the remaining Mini Traveller and Countryman cars das antigas carrinhas Mini da de... The Welsh Sports and saloon car Championship driving a Mini and Morris,! Mini Traveller and gave rise to these cars simply being called a woodie merged Mini. Of 2020 expensive of the original shelf, internal bonnet release 500, launched in,! The Dewar Trophy, for the doors and boot lid was hinged at the Chateau Hill! Kombifahrzeug der mini cooper clubman wiki Mini von BMW had larger-diameter chrome hubcaps than the Mini! The 1275 GT more costly chrome grille '' or the `` S '' redirects here Seven models officially. Racing driver to win the British Army was built with a shorter 998... The US importer was expecting the forthcoming Austin America to find a larger market some damping. De um Mini Cooper debuted in September 1961. [ mini cooper clubman wiki ] editada pela última vez às de... Selecting mechanism was updated to the rod type, as seen on mainstream...

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