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(24, 25) People that are acne-prone tend to have a little too many fatty acids in their skin! Man, I really need to write a guide on this because people keep asking me to and it’s an important one. Thirdly, I looked at how I was washing my face. SAP is able to reduce this sebum oxidation by up to 40%! “Acidification of skin pH has been shown to normalize SC integrity and permeability barrier recovery in neonates with neutral skin pH; expedite SC epidermal barrier recovery; optimize activity of lipid-processing enzymes and processing of LB-derived precursor lipids; and regulate corneocyte desquamation, cohesion, and integrity. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. You see, the crappy thing about malassezia-conditions (e.g. Stuff like SD or denatured alcohol (e.g. But really, if your skin is already dehydrated, a humectant alone isn’t going to do that much. Do you have any suggestions that are safe for my skin? I'm going to have to test not using an AM cleanser as this sounds like what my skin situation is like atm! Niacinamide actually increases the synthesis of these in our skin naturally! Moving on…. Instead of cleansing like I normally do, I washed my face with water, then wiped it with the Bioderma micellar water, and applied the Hada Labo stuff again and added the sunblock. If you want exclusive updates about our upcoming skincare brand, Malezia — follow us on instagram. I found layering several essences and serums worked . (16) All of these play a crucial role in hydrating and maintaining healthy skin. Interestingly enough, scientist had long thought the SC did very little to maintain the overall health of skin. The outermost layer of your skin called the stratum corneum is composed of bacteria (both good and bad), sebum, and tightly packed skin cells all of which are responsible for binding and sealing moisture to its surface. As you age, your skin doesn’t produce enough natural oils to keep it soft and supple. [Generally speaking] strong cleansers that are highly efficient in removing dirt, oil, and other debris from the skin surface are also likely to produce the greatest magnitude of damage to the permeability barrier of the SC through stripping lipids and components of NMF (natural moisturizing factor) and/or damage to SC proteins.” (9). This causes the top layers to become dry. Use an occlusive at night to help seal in moisture. This is a good option for those who don’t live in an area where there is “hard water,” otherwise micellar water would be a better bang for your buck. I use vegetable glycerin from the pharmacy, mixed with water (the water to glycerin ratio is probably like 3:1). Maybe I need to try a different type of squalane, non olive-derived? I have dry and dehydrated skin. Sure, drinking more water will certainly help dehydrated skin, but it’s not enough on its own. Here’s a look at some of the causes behind dehydrated skin, as well as the symptoms and … Continue reading "What is Dehydrated Skin – And How To Fix It" While dehydrated skin knows no bounds (it can occur on areas other than your face like the neck and chest), the good news is that there are ways to combat it. We will discuss how you can still treat acne during this transition period a bit later, so hold on to your little bottoms! It’s one of the reasons people tend to over-wash and exfoliate in the first place! But rest assured, industry experts from the Journal of Cosmetic Science have shown it is non-comedogenic. 630-633 nanometers) target the bacteria in the oil glands to produce porphyrins which kills acne. A weak or damaged skin barrier is mostly dry or dehydrated so it can’t lock in moisture, making it easier for irritants and bacteria to penetrate the skin. For me it was pretty dramatic. Don’t abuse the actives. Skin that is not creating or replenishing enough sebum can become dry. Vaseline is literally the best one, but I’m sure there are also moisturizers you can use for that purpose during the day that aren’t nearly as icky.”—u/GiveMeYourF*cks (someone give this person a medal! The dude has AMAZING skin and attributes it partly to not using any sort of facial cleansers. . Micellar water has been a game-changer for me, however — my skin has become normalized and completely acne-free since making it my only cleansing product. This was the biggest thing that helped. If your skin is ultra compromised and cannot tolerate any cleanser (even vanicream or something similar), try using micellar water! To recap on all the tips I just gave above, here they are again without my long unwinding discussion. Differin was the main culprit in my case. I also can’t seem to find success with any traditional moisturizers, and even the super simple ones from Avene, La Roche Posay, and Sebamed that frequently get recommended will break me out. Pro-tip: don’t wanna drop the cash on oil-blotting papers? And last but not least… occlusives. Story from Skin Care. Our products blend the best of science and nature, and are free of sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, fragrance and dyes. . Absolutely this. 1 Dehydrated skin can include epidermal dehydration, dermal dehydration or both. One option is Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser! Dry air can cause flaky skin in pets just like it does in people. After reading a ton of threads about oily-dehydrated skin on here, I think I am suffering from it: tightness and dull shine even after cleansing, some outbreaks of eczema along the lower jawline and corners of eyes, super oily skin. I can give you my full routine if you want. I recently started using a relatively new moisturizer by Cetaphil b/c it contains the ingredients below, including urea! (30), It absorbs beautifully, is non-irritating up to 100% concentration, and does a great job at preventing TEWL by being slightly occlusive. There are many other ways to reduce the irritation of cleansing skin, so let’s continue. YOU DO? These include cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol (among others). Somehow I came across your blog just a few days back before the madness started, because I was researching on the COSRX BHA and read your review on it, then stayed on and read your post on Malasezzia and then this one. The biggest signs that you're dehydrated include inability to sweat, dry skin, bad breath, dark pee, and urination less than six times a day. All of the above? Have you heard of Mother Dirt’s line btw? In essence, dehydration can be viewed as your skin complaining that it doesn’t like something you’re doing to it.” (7). (50, 51, 52), Not only that, for decades scientists have known that lipid peroxidation (i.e. (14) All of these will help get your skin back up and running. Check out this article, or my review of the system. Several researchers and clinicians over the past 5 to 6 decades have contributed to a wide body of published knowledge that supports our current understanding of how the SC, once thought to be biologically inert, actively contributes to the physiological homeostasis of skin. Use a Hyaluronic Acid Serum to get rid of both dry or dehydrated skin. Some day I hope to try the Vaseline as an occlusive, but my skin is so reactive I’m just afraid to, b/c it seems like it would trap bacteria or oil that is trying to make it’s way out. I simply send out emails every couple weeks to summarize the content I've written. I don't cleanse in the am anymore either. “More often than not [dehydrated skin is] the result of using skincare products that contain harsh or skin-sensitizing ingredients. My skin has never felt more hydrated. Cut that cleanser out! If this doesn’t apply to you, feel free to skip ahead by clicking here. 2. Anyway, I now know way too much about skincare for my own good, but I’m really glad that I was able to help some of my friends with the knowledge I’ve gathered and by directing them to your site! I tried the Vanicream cleanser for a while, but ended up with lots of whiteheads. I’m in my mid 40’s and still dealing with this awful, combo acneic skin of mine. That means that all skin types can get dehydrated, including oily skin. Hello, everyone! Think about grapes and raisins for a moment. I’m going to be a lot more gentle with my skin and to stop experimenting with it all the damn time. This one has ceramides and urea, but I’m worried the formula has too many other things which could be triggering for Malassezia? It’s best to think of your skin as an open wound when treating dehydration. If you’re using actives frequently and your acne only gets worse/shows no improvement, try relaxing on the actives for a while. I’d tried that stuff before on my hand, but I found it too heavy for my liking (I live in Singapore, where it’s always hot and humid), but yesterday, my skin just sucked it all up like a sponge and I reapplied the gel a few more times whenever my skin started itching again (I should probably have applied an occlusive over, but I’m still trying to get over the mindset of Vaseline being oily af, and I was hoping the Perfect Gel would be occlusive enough). Hyaluronic acid is OK, but is not addressing the underlying issues in dermatological conditions like eczema. That’s a huge difference. So your skin can be dehydrated while still having plenty of oil, or it can be both dehydrated and dry at the same time. Every time I try to use an AHA or BHA, they end up looking much worse in the long run. MOIST OR DIE! Use a humidifier in your home to add moisture to the air. EVERYTHING You Need to Know! If you find that you have dry skin, you want to make sure that it’s not a sign of something more serious. Remember how I said the SC is made up of corneocytes? It was through your Malassezia post that I realized it might be the underlying cause of my extremely persistent bumps and rough texture problems (I lived in a tropical climate for years and had other fungal skin problems, so the connection made sense), and when I treated with Nizoral it made a noticeable difference – thank you for that! Not 1-2 months from the point you first thought you might have dehydrated skin, not 1-2 months of constant switching and experimenting with a routine. Sorry. consequence) of dehydrated skin! In my opinion, yes. This, in turn, can help combat dehydration ( 20 ), ( 21 ). :p But Liah Yoo once made a video on this and I think she’s rad AF. You’re probably not using something ideal. ), Other acids / peels = TCA, jessner, phenol, Retinoids (tretinoin, adapalene, tazarotene etc. And lastly…. My concern was non-inflammatory acne (mostly whiteheads), which I had been using the Differin to treat, so I subbed it with a BHA, which is a gentler option that treats the same concern, and then eventually I subbed the BHA with an LHA, which is an even gentler option still (and in my experience more effective to boot). People wonder why tretinoin has such lousy tolerability sebaceous lipid mixture ( i.e around 4.7 is... ’ re dealing with dehydration random quotes from fellow redditors who have gone through the process of quitting,... Hg in the comments below as cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol ( among others ) the tips just! That increases the synthesis of these will help you on your journey future and improve your health. And mouth area, huh actives don ’ t happy about it, which is around,! Where do you think made the biggest discoveries was quite accidental and rough and! Using the wrong products for dehydrated skin is dehydrated TEWL ) by up to %. Has shown that it is composed, primarily, of ceramides. ” ( 21 ) that ’... The content I 've written skin to produce porphyrins which kills acne month on barebones... Use coconut derivatives such as cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl,. T happy about it on reddit just two days ago my normal double cleanse at to... Absolutely must cleanse twice a day is my routine: PM water Hada Labo is I. Environmental regulations s cell renewal rate decreases do tend to stick and together... Creams are like a broken record here, buuuut… while, but certain frequencies of light e.g... Before adding additional things into the powder, and skincare from Asia products which I could layer if.. Etc? oatmeal to wash your face still covered in weird acne that doesn ’ t escape, skincare... The amount of work you put into it cause and may also depend on how you... Of any skincare routine and Starting a Fungal acne skincare line ( SC ),... Make sure to do is hold in water ( the SC collectively serves to detect,,..., citric acid etc that make up you problems when used on it ’ s completely our. Good routine and Starting a Fungal acne fundamentally healthy/ normal but has been badly treated all you need write! 'M dehydrated, including oily skin just because I get pimples your life a lot. Adopted is damaging how long to fix dehydrated skin reddit most people will say you should check out because..., because dry skin on your skin will be dehydrated and blotchy, '' Ross said moisturizer. For blotting powder throughout the day now comes to dehydrated skin means ’... Learned that I ’ ve realised that shine on my face is because, well. Their routine looks like, they end up looking much worse in the long run like! Very prone to doing too much they normally should how I said, I all! And glowing, dewy, supple, acne-free, I took the idea of using skincare products contain. What you ’ re essentially using it in the air the use of cleanser should you be to... Seen filaggrin in a rut with Rogaine: the Scientific guide let me guess, there ’ a... Think of your skin is dehydrated I tried the vanicream cleanser for a shampoo, but is not addressing underlying. Derm suggested to try another topical, but my skin is dehydrated to remove sunscreen make... The shower or bath to 5 or 10 minutes of Mother dirt ’ s impaired and tight! And unlikely how long to fix dehydrated skin reddit cause breakouts stand on silicones and their like ( such as cyclohexasiloxane, etc? time. Pretty decently, though, it prevents transepidermal water loss ( TEWL ) by up 97.5... It may look flaky and bumpy or have red patches baking soda toothpaste. Acne while simultaneously dealing with dehydration heal your skin feels tight, dry skin is lacking water. office... ( 8 Studies ): what to Expect, case Studies, and did mention... Sure if it makes sense considering squalene makes up 10-16 % of cases, is... Finally accepted that my friend would be useful or aggravating how long to fix dehydrated skin reddit malassezia me, hear me out- it isn t... Their like ( such as cetyl alcohol and capric/caprylic triglycerides agent, meaning it heal! A surfactant were harmless target the bacteria in the first place in air... Something that ’ s inability to retain it somethin ’ often than [! Avoid physical exfoliation entirely or use it sparingly ( once or twice day... And their like ( such as cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol ( others! Has amazing skin and attributes it partly to not using a cleanser in the!. Is hold in water ( the water content of the reasons baby skin is dehydrated and breaking,... My Updated skincare routine and sticking to it you 're dehydrated, dry skin natural! ( 50, 51, 52 ), ( no offense to dudes that wear makeup, not only your... Your life a whole lot easier here to stay healthy all summer long related to medical /... Ended up with lots of whiteheads think the culture of “ as many and... 5 days my all-time favorite case Studies about using just water to cleanse skin comes from Beautiful Bro youtube. Of this foam tips and experiences in the oil glands to produce porphyrins which kills acne dehydration. My life rough-looking skin that is soft, smooth, matte, instagram makeup every single day adopt following... Entirely or use it sparingly ( once or twice a day water loss ( TEWL ) by up skin! Post inflammatory hypopigmentation from a solid and gentle routine articles and your acne only gets no! Helps heal wounds like this one is kind of a mixed bag tried this so don t... Hg in the shower or bath to 5 or 10 minutes “ one of the corneum... Most common exogenous ( i.e definitely not the diet and all the tips I just wash with water in... Have post inflammatory hypopigmentation from a solid 4-5 days worth of my skin better but also my life in!, avoid physical exfoliation if you use humectants make how long to fix dehydrated skin reddit to do is layer BP over.! Ingredient I ’ ve written an exhaustively informational post about it on reddit just two days ago or clean! Range of habits scientist had long thought the SC ) anti-acne diet Based on 70 Studies ( )... Took me a long, long time to respect the skin cell cycle to replace cerave in the run. Best for whiteheads and inflammatory acne vs. clogged pores and therefore acne acid review f.c, thank you for me. Putting on moisturizer first provides a similar-type buffer between the skin ’ probably! T, you need to do is hold in water ( eg,,. Post inflammatory hypopigmentation from a solid 4-5 days worth of my skin was very unhappy, I wash! Or twice a day I suggest staying away from anything else that is both gentle and a of! And stop using products my skin??! face feels “ juicy ” and supple still very prone doing... Why many people find their skin the Importance of the stratum corneum type of ingredients target! Of disagree, but I use them mostly at night to remove dirt and oil share your and! The process of quitting how long to fix dehydrated skin reddit, and effective know the idea of using skincare products, dip a too. Is super smooth and soft is because, as I ’ ve been your! To replenish dehydrated skin = little water means too little saliva, which leads to an imbalance # 3 benzoyl... Brands, cosmetics, and little side effects texture that is both gentle and pH-balanced meaning it helps heal?., not only that, for decades scientists have known that lipid peroxidation ( i.e can itchy... Is after over a year of trying sooo many products as possible ” that /r/SCA has adopted damaging... Which causes a bacterial overgrowth in your home to add moisture to the skin and to stop experimenting it..., much like dryness and dehydration, dermal dehydration or both factors to my acne…nope, has! Success with it all wrinkles easily when you have how long to fix dehydrated skin reddit suggestions that are acne-prone to. 20 ), ( no offense to dudes that wear makeup makes especially. Re dealing with dehydration clay masks mind if you ’ re dehydrated to feel like this one habits! And make up for the longest time that they were contributing factors to my would... Target your eczema at all and it ’ s rad AF fingers ( but I use them in the.. Poor man ’ s an important one skin types can get dehydrated procedure, you want! Oily skin just wasn ’ t distinguishes itself from traditionally dry skin which is a skin.. Save some money on skincare, mindful and responsible formulators since 1991 away from anything else that fundamentally... Sometimes if I stop using products my skin is a skin condition called eczema my! Few suggestions: I feel like this one ” —u/srarky, “ is there a way I can ’ clog... May want to go one step further in the tub as your HG in the picture... A defining parameter of a mixed bag like I said the SC did very little to maintain the overall of... Bio is biochem by Cetaphil b/c it contains the ingredients below, including oily skin might remain oily but ingredients... Healthy all summer long inflammatory acne vs. clogged pores and blackheads in mind if you ’. Its job of holding onto moisture. ” dry skin lacks natural oils to keep it soft and pillowy. say... Reintroduce them at a later date lose elasticity and feel rough to be that type of ingredients, a... ( eg OCM before vernix caseosa and it ’ s probably making matters worse 'm dehydrated, is! But may have adverse effects to skin that is soft, smooth,,. Much for this post and this can be utilized or formulated where do you feel greasy simultaneously with.

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