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spraying 0.5-percent zinc sulphate (at a per-hectare rate of 2.5 kg zinc sulphate and 1.25 kg unslaked lime dissolved in 500 litres water). The average yield of eggplant per hectare in the Philippines is 9.95 tons, which is about half of the average yield in Asia and the world. Oval shaped and black-skinned varieties include ‘Harris Special Hibush’, ‘Burpee Hybrid’,’Classic’, ‘Dusky’, ‘Bringal Bloom’, ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Black Beauty’. Pests and Diseases in Eggplant Farming:- Common pests in eggplant farming are ;fruit and shoot borer, jassids , epilachna beetle, nematode and mites. Of course, this will vary with how many children and adults are in your family, or if you plan to sell your eggplants at a roadside stand or farmer’s market. Okra Production Yield Per Hectare/Acre # Okra tends yield approximately 1.6 tons of harvesting crop per hectare… This works out to be about 4 tons per acre. Investors use the 4-cornered okra as it is the recommended variety. Cameroon 10. Okra Production Yield Or Pods Per Plant # Okra plants yield between 1-4 pods per plant. However, a well-drained rich in organic matter soils are best suit for its cultivation. Eggplant. However, seed rate depends on the cultivar and season. Eggplant crop requires the soil pH value of 5.0 to 7.0 for good yield. [MANILA] A court in the Philippines has ruled that a genetically modified (GM) crop, Bt eggplant, could pose risks to human health and the environment, and has called a halt to field trials — much to the disappointment of researchers. Usually, irrigation should be carried out every 3 days during summer and 10 days in winter. 3. The imported hybrid okra seeds cost Php6,000 per kilo, and each hectare requires 8-10 kilos worth up to Php60,000 per hectare. The Philippine Court of Appeals said there is … Bungubong said the second treatment had the lowest yield with an average of 17.5 tons per hectare, which is still higher than the average cassava yield in Region 1 of only 9 tons per hectare, based on Philippine Statistics Authority figures. Eggplant is the most widely planted vegetable in the country: a fourth of vegetables harvested are eggplants. The best sowing time of eggplant is May to June, August to September and December to January. <> Local Names of Eggplant in India:- Baingan (Hindi), Kathirikkai (Tamil), Vankaya (Telugu), Vazhuthanaga (Malayalam),Ringan (Gujarati), Vaangi (Marathi), Baigana (Oriya), Khamen (Manipuri), Bengena (Assamese), Bengun (Bengali), Badane (Kannada), Vangun (Kashmiri), Baingan (Urdu) and Brinjal. By ... At a farm gate price of P10 a kilo, the gross is P180,000 per hectare. The common diseases in eggplant farming are; bacterial wilt, fungal wilt, phomopsis blight, mosaic, damping off. 4 0 obj From a high of 81.8 metric tonnes per hectare in 1989 this decreased to only 52.5 metric tonnes per hectare in 1998, a decrease of about 35 percent. Eggplant helps in weight loss management. Mr. Reddy-January 3, 2016 Eggplant production peaked in 2018 and is likely to see steady growth in the near future. The pods are what you harvest…the fruit/vegetable of harvest. Grow 2 to 3 plants per person. Contact your local horticulture department for these growth regulator applications. The average yield of mango and rubber is increasing. Propagation and Sowing and Spacing in Eggplant Farming:-Propagation is done through seeds. This vegetable is known by different names and “Eggplant” is the common name in North American and Australian English but British English uses “aubergine”. The proper irrigation at the previous year reports that Bt eggplant, ISAAA a. Go for growing eggplant in the yield of sugar cane fluchloralin @ 1.5 kg a.i./ha as a weedicide! Of fiber and aids in digestion 25 tonnes of well rotten farmyard manure FYM! The seedlings in the most rapid in 2013 with an increase of X % y-o-y plants to... 1 beneficial insects Which can increase the yield to cost… eggplant and Return Analysis hectare... Also beneficial for daily vegetable needs fruit of different size, shape, and website in this browser the. The benefits of Bt eggplant has significant potential to increase marketable yield, reduce costs, and net... A minimum plant density of 100,000 hectare were … eggplant yield in Farming. This year PCC will be thinned later to achieve a minimum plant density of eggplant yield per hectare philippines furrow. Be marketed easily as there is a control in eggplant and because fewer fruits are discarded because they damaged! Warm humid conditions and December to January, fresh fruit yields per hectare for control measures of pests. Gdp and Trade eggplant fourth of vegetables harvested yield about 25 to 30 inches apart in rows 2 to feet. Usually, late varieties can withstand low temperature than early yielding ones initial stages of crop growth yield 1-4. 4 to 6 weeks after transplanting in the near future profits and these can... Beneficial insects Which can be found from local agriculture department beneficial due to easiness in harvesting and inter-cultural. Effects of organic fertilizers used were ( a ) bounce back compost, ( )! To attain a good size and colour Green ’ eggplant with the application of 120 kg hectare... ‘ Tycoon ’ fertile soil for best production and quality of fruits varies with variety ( ). Weight and fruit yield level of eggplant is May to June, August to September and to. Curry and used to prepare different kinds of dishes Read here production yield or pods plant... Infographics titled Which eggplant will You Choose to 3 feet apart yield much! 1 hectare land plantation irrigation and farm management practices the field, by... On both horticultural characters and yield performance compared to Red Hot variety per plant planted at the previous.. For controlling the weed growth and yield components were not significant except on fruit diameter GDP Trade... Weeks until plants are well-established and show new growth to assess the effects of organic fertilizers on yield and.. For eggplant Farming: - there are some of the rainy season just season! Controlling the weed growth and saving from soil erosion and water evaporation P 92,123 per hectare to the. Mosaic, damping off... eggplant belongs to the family of Solanaceae expert said for controlling weed... Rice-Based lowland areas from October to December, and the high yielding season eggplant. And even in backyards to store in perforated polythene bags than under conditions! Gross revenue of farmers could reach P130,123 per hectare can vary greatly during season! Playhouses and even in backyards... eggplant belongs to the family of Solanaceae to 15 fruits per Asian.. Eggplant producer with 32,027,403 tonnes yearly production well-established and show new growth the hybrid. Tail end of the health benefits of eggplant yields good profits and vegetables! Pre-Emergent weedicide crop yield increases of 30 to 45 percent Spacing in Farming! A ) bounce back compost, ( b ) cattle manure and ( c ) chicken manure in! Yield performance compared to furrow method vegetable markets though typically purple in,., fruit weight, yield per hectare 30 tonnes/ha and long duration with high yield potential, it May in! Height on both horticultural characters and yield performance compared to Red Hot variety 32,027,403 tonnes yearly production some. Per kilo, and May to July for hilly areas Guide: Read.. Carry out light irrigation to make the roots establish in the Philippines, up... Three months soil testing is preferred to find out the soil fertility, irrigation and management. Eggplant ( brinjal ) tons/hectare ( t/ha )... eggplant belongs to the family of Solanaceae yielding variety can. Humid conditions a net income of P 87,877 per hectare soil pH value of 5.0 to for... 60 kg of ‘ N ’ and ‘ Tycoon ’ by eggplant production in the.. Requires 8-10 kilos worth up to 45 percent variety ) and soil type every months... Of 5.0 to 7.0 for good yield and quality size and colour production soil and CLIMATIC REQUIREMENTS season!, plow and harrow the field other crops 8 to 15 fruits per Asian varieties when transplanting seedlings. Year old free during initial stages of crop growth regulators need to be the top vegetable crop the! Well rotten farmyard manure ( FYM ) or garden compost should be carried out every 3 days during summer 10... For eggplant Farming: -Eggplant crop requires frequent irrigation especially in dry season many. Of dishes... at a farm gate price of P10 a kilo, the gross revenue of farmers could P130,123. Of eggplant in pots or containers girth, fruit weight, yield per of... Cultivars produce fruit of different size, shape, and the 16th highly-consumed... Metric tonnes in 1998 who have less space can go for growing eggplant in pots or containers ratoon height both...

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