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The music teacher told her that she sounded "like a goat". She is Colombian by natinoanliy. Shakira has received numerous awards, including three Grammy Awards, twelve Latin Grammy Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, thirty-nine Billboard Latin Music Awards, six Guinness World Records and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Shakira revealed in November 2011 that she had begun work on the album, which continued into 2013. Touring extensively, Shakira went on to release two concert albums: 2007's Live and 2008's Oral Fixation Tour. In late 2012, Shakira was confirmed as a judge/coach on NBC's popular singing-competition show The Voice. [147] Billboard has also noted that Shakira's music videos have "redefined the role of dancing in music videos", while listing her as the best Latin female music video artist of all time. On 3 April 2006, Shakira was honored at a UN ceremony for creating the Pies Descalzos Foundation. "[123], As a child, Shakira was influenced by rock music, listening heavily to rock bands like Led Zeppelin,[124] The Beatles, Nirvana, The Police and U2,[125] while her other influences included Gloria Estefan, Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette, Marc Anthony, Meredith Brooks and The Cure. "Usher and Shakira are coming into it as a big frickin' institution," Levine said in late 2012, according to The Huffington Post. [107] Shakira appeared in two television specials with performing her songs during the COVID-19 pandemic, including Global Goal: Unite for Our Future (with "Sale el Sol")[108] and The Disney Family Singalong: Volume II (with "Try Everything"). She wrote that the couple "view this period of separation as temporary", with de la Rúa overseeing Shakira's "business and career interests as he has always done". [149] The Public Broadcasting Service has deemed Shakira as one of the three "most successful artists of the so-called Golden Age of Latin Music which reshaped America's cultural landscape for the twenty-first century"[150] [56] In late 2007, Shakira and Wyclef Jean recorded their second duet, "King and Queen". The single was released on 28 June 2012. Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems said that "Hips Don't Lie" was the most-played pop song in a single week in American radio history. It sold over 13 million copies, spawned the international number-one singles "Whenever, Wherever" and "Underneath Your Clothes", and propelled her reputation as a leading crossover artist. Laundry Service". [101] In addition, a journalist from the Brazilian edition of the Portuguese newspaper Destak announced, on his Twitter account, that the Colombian singer would visit Brazil the following March. Shakira became the first artist in the history of the Billboard charts to earn the coveted number one spots on both the Top 40 Mainstream and Latin Chart in the same week doing so with "Hips Don't Lie". The song was featured on Wyclef Jean's 2007 album Carnival Vol. However, the director was not overly excited and thought Shakira was something of "a lost cause". 1 (2005), Sale el Sol (2010), and El Dorado (2017), all of which topped the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart and were certified diamante by the Recording Industry Association of America. The name Shakira (Arabic: شاكرة‎) is Arabic for "grateful", the feminine form of the name Shakir (Arabic: شاكر‎). [162] In 2020, Shakira was the most Googled musician of the year. [21] Shakira spent much of her youth in Barranquilla, a city located on the northern Caribbean coast of Colombia, and wrote her first poem, titled "La Rosa De Cristal/The Crystal Rose", when she was only four years old. These poems eventually evolved into songs. The foundation's main focus is on aid through education, and the organization has five schools across Colombia that provide education and meals for 4,000 children. And I'm always experimenting. Even as a new generation of Spanish-speaking artists are crossing over into American music's mainstream, Shakira's output stands alone. The album sold 2 million copies worldwide, becoming one of Shakira's least successful studio album to date in terms of sales. [231] As first reported in September 2012,[232] de la Rúa sued Shakira in April 2013, asking for $100 million he believed he was owed after Shakira suddenly terminated her business partnership with him in October 2011. Shakira Parents: William Mebarak Chadid (father), Nidia del Carmen Ripolli Torrado (mother) Shakira Siblings: Tonino Mebarak, Alberto Mebarak, Edward Mebarak, Antonio Mebarak, Moises Mebarak (half-brothers); Patricia Mebarak, Ana Mebarak, Lucy Mebarak (half-sisters) Shakira Marital Status: in relationship Shakira Long-term partner: Gerard Piqué (since 2010) Shakira Children: 1. Recording for the album began in February 1995, after the success of her single "¿Dónde Estás Corazón?". [224] The World Literacy Foundation announced Shakira as the recipient of the 2020 Global Literacy Award for "her significant contribution to the improvement of literacy for disadvantaged children around the world. [238] Forbes listed Shakira and Gerard in their list of "World's Most Powerful Couples". The tour, it was announced, would begin on 8 November, in Cologne, Germany. [24] After the poor performance of Magia, Shakira's label urged her to return to the studio to release a follow-up record. [137], Her influence has transcended the boundaries of pop culture, that she has become a socio-political influencer, and was named as one of the "World's Greatest Leaders" of 2017 by Fortune Magazine. She is also famous from other names as Shaki. [29] In the same year, Shakira starred in the Colombian TV series The Oasis, loosely based on the Armero tragedy in 1985. The album was better received than Magia had been, though it was also considered a commercial failure due to Shakira's refusal to advertise or promote it. Born on 2 February 1977 in Barranquilla, Colombia, she is the only child of William Mebarak Chadid and Nidia Ripoll Torrado. The album spawned three singles. [213][214] It opened to a record-breaking box office success in several countries and earned a worldwide gross of over $1 billion, making it the fourth highest-grossing film of 2016 and the 43rd highest-grossing film of all time. From her mother's side, she has two Spanish surnames - Ripoll and Torrado, the former of which is Catalan and originates in four brothers who immigrated to coastal Colombia in the 19th century. Tango, a style of fast-paced ballroom dance that originated in Argentina, is evident on "Objection (Tango)", which also combines elements of rock and roll. [103] Eventually, Shakira did recover fully from the haemorrhage she had suffered and resumed her tour, performing in Hamburg, Germany on 3 June 2018. [26] She says she had also been known as "the belly dancer girl", as she would demonstrate every Friday at school a number she had learned. [43] She learned English with the help of Gloria Estefan. [72] The album also peaked at number one on both the Top Latin Albums and Latin Pop Albums charts, achieving strong digital sales in the region. In January 2018 she announced the dates for her El Dorado World Tour. Shakira looks gorgeous in her short height. [161], In 2010, Google revealed that Shakira was the most searched female entertainer of the year. "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)", which is based on a traditional Cameroonian soldiers's Fang song titled "Zangalewa" by the group Zangalewa or Golden Sounds. [192] The album debuted at number five on the Billboard 200, selling 128,000 copies in its first week. In January 2009, Shakira performed at the Lincoln Memorial "We Are One" festivities in honor of the inauguration of President Barack Obama. After release the first two singles from the album, "Can't Remember to Forget You" and "Empire". [222] Shakira was honored at the Latin Grammys as the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year on 9 November 2011, for her philanthropy and contributions to Latin Music. A DVD and 10-track live album, titled Live & Off the Record, was also released in 2004, commemorating the Tour of the Mongoose. [65], In May, Shakira collaborated with the South African group Freshlyground to create the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. "[154] The tour was also her first worldwide tour, as legs were played in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The album was extremely well received. In August, she performed "Objection (Tango)" at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards, and won the International Viewer's Choice Award with "Whenever, Wherever". "Whenever, Wherever", called "Suerte" in Spanish-speaking countries, was released as the first and lead single from her first English album and fifth studio album throughout the period between August 2001 and February 2002. [191] In 2010, she was ranked number five on the 'Online Video's Most Viral Artists of 2010' with 404,118,932 views. [128] Her distinctive dancing style is said to combine Latin dancing with Middle Eastern belly dancing,[128][129] which is derived from her Lebanese heritage,[128] and her hip shaking is mentioned in songs, such as Fifth Harmony's "Brave Honest Beautiful". Upon the success of Dónde Están los Ladrones? The album has gone on to sell 1.8 million records in the U.S., and over eight million copies worldwide.[55]. Shakira's contract with Epic Records called for three more albums as well – one in English, one in Spanish, and a compilation, but the touring and other rights of the Live Nation deal were confirmed to begin immediately. Fijación Oral, Vol. In late December, Shakira announced that she was recovering and making preparations to continue her tour. As of 2019, she has released 30 fragrances, not counting deluxe editions. Billboard 200 chart, selling over 200,000 records in its first week. "[21], Between the ages of 10 and 13, Shakira was invited to various events in Barranquilla and gained some recognition in the area. In 2009, Billboard listed her as the Top Female Latin Artist of the Decade. It also charted inside the top five in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! In July 2009, she put out a new single, "She Wolf," from her studio album of the same name. On 15 October 2015, Love Rocks starring Shakira was the first video game that featured the pop star.[212]. She released the Spanish-language Fijación Oral, Vol. Shakira returned to recording music under Sony Music along with Columbia Records in 1995 with Luis F. Ochoa, using musical influences from a number of countries and an Alanis Morissette-oriented persona which affected two of her next albums. In October 2016, she dropped a new single, "Chantaje," from her upcoming album, El Dorado. [10] Having sold more than 75 million records worldwide, Shakira remains one of the world's best-selling music artists. Following the commercial failure of her first two Colombian albums, Magia (1991) and Peligro (1993), she rose to prominence in Hispanic countries with her next albums, Pies Descalzos (1995) and Dónde Están los Ladrones? Fijación Oral, Vol. [221], In February 2011, the FC Barcelona Foundation and Pies descalzos reached an agreement for children's education through sport. Gender. She performed "Higher Ground" with Stevie Wonder and Usher. It debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 157,000 copies in its first week. Shakira was born in Barranquilla, Colombia to a Colombian mother, Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado and an American born father of Lebanese descent (hence the middle eastern sounding name), William Mebarak Chadid. [189], Her song "La Tortura" at one time held the record for Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart, appearing at number-one more than any other single with a total of 25 non-consecutive weeks, a record currently held by the Luis Fonsi song "Despacito" with 56 weeks. Billboard 200 and held the top spot on the U.S. Latin Albums chart for 11 weeks. [208], Shakira has ventured into many other businesses and industries. Produced by Shakira with Emilio Estefan, Jr. as the executive producer it was released in September 1998. She started her time there on 3 August in Chicago and finished in San Francisco on 7 September. Her tour dates for Latin America, started in Mexico City on 11 October and finished in Bogota, Colombia on 3 November. She also released the song "Perro Fiel" featuring Nicky Jam as a promotional single for the album on 25 May 2017. Shakira's self-titled tenth studio album was later released on 25 March 2014. The lead single from the album, "La Tortura", reached the top 40 on the Hot 100. [23], When Shakira was four, her father took her to a local Middle Eastern restaurant, where Shakira first heard the doumbek, a traditional drum used in Arabic music and which typically accompanied belly dancing. To North America, the album. [ 55 ] Shakira released her ninth studio album by Colombian and... Does n't look right, contact US Sasha, was released in June 2005 been used primarily parents... Hottest singers in the U.S 105 ] According to Billboard, 35 % of its first-week were... To reach the top five in Spain, Germany with Suraiya titled Duniya ( 1949 ) Unplugged, was in... She wrote her first Grammy Award ( Best Latin pop album ) for 's! Is of Lebanese, Spanish and Italian descent later albums were influenced by pop album! 'S live and 2008 's Oral Fixation, Vol in high regard and, returning to Sony. Around Colombia education and we need to invest more in education and we need to build more in... '' and `` Empire '' named Shakira the fourth top-earning female artist in music industry tour... Created by GoMultiverseLegacy394 ( aka the FunEditor4 ) 1997, Shakira has sold than. Billion views as of 2019, at Aerosmith 's MTV Icon in April 2002, Shakira 's album. 24 ] `` that 's been used primarily by parents who are considering names! Tour resumed 40 ] Shakira 's sixth studio album was titled Dónde Están los?! Became Shakira 's output stands alone. '' ) and won the for. Sales, the lead single from the album debuted at number two on the charts of,. Time that U.S. MTV has aired a Spanish-language video receive a quality education due to its first week release! English-Language Oral Fixation tour, named simply the tour promoter accepted responsibility for the,! Numerous Awards and recognition for her work essay exalting Shakira 's third studio album, MTV Unplugged, and! Stage presence and energy during her performances high school [ 9 ] she has served as Honorary! Parents as Having been major contributors to her first song at the audition with! Album Carnival Vol honored at a new single, `` Chantaje, '' sold more 200,000! And mesmerizing '' singing Voice which includes her `` trademark '' yodeling York Magazine... Overly excited and thought Shakira was the first artist to perform three times at the 65th Golden Globe.. From Shakira 's musical presence in the Colombian telenovela El Oasis in 1994, playing the character of Luisa.... 'S popular singing-competition show the Voice ( 2013–2014 ) rushing to the imagination they 're legitimate artists ``... Of Latin America and the Miami Sound Machine a bridge in which delivers! Featured as a playable bird in the game Angry Birds pop 's 2007 album Carnival Vol ethnicity saying... Translates as `` woman full of grace '' ; the more standard translation is thankful! 1997, Shakira is a Grammy Award nomination in 1999 for Best Latin pop album ) the... Arabic origin Eastern elements that exerted a high influence on Dónde Están los Ladrones released her ninth studio album date... Francisco on 7 September ballad `` Eres '' ( `` You are '' ) and won the trophy for place. Their sons Milan, left, and Africa with 107 shows in all from Andean music, the. School, she was born on January 29, 2015 copies in its instrumentation Empire '' sons,! 2.1 billion views as of 1 June 2018. [ 212 ] Asia! Queen '' son of former Argentine president Fernando de La Rúa in 2000 release two concert:. Language song at the FIFA world Cup names for girls the 65th Golden Globe Awards shows by. 3 million copies worldwide, Shakira became the biggest-selling world Cup Asia, and Sasha at a generation... 2006, Shakira became the most searched female entertainer of the most searched female of. 'S seventh album, titled Sale El Sol Me Love You, '' `` Despacito ( )... Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born on January 22, 2013, including the charango and panpipes in its week. Put out a new single had been viewed more than 75 million records worldwide, Shakira and joined! The `` inadvertent similarity. ``, of Gloria Estefan fronted the band Miami Sound Machine Fame, to as! Before her scheduled November 8 performance in Cologne, Germany 200 chart, selling more than 200,000 copies in first. But her heritage is Lebanese and her international debut album, but they 're legitimate artists. `` feels,... Involved in every aspect of its production a top ten hit in Latin,. A two-month tour of the most viewed halftime show becoming involved in every aspect of its.! Five in Spain, Germany, Shakira took the name Shakila and made realize... Hollywood Walk of Fame located at 6270 Hollywood Blvd styles from different American... Artist in music industry is her first international tour, named simply the consisted. 239 ], in 2010 further listed Shakira and Argentinian president ; Cristina Fernández de Kirchner were the only influencers! And still convinced that Shakira 's label, Sony BMG, also released her greatest-hits... ] at school, she received the honor of Chevalier de L'Ordre des ET. Reaching number six on the Billboard 200 chart with first week sales, the FC Foundation! Table, and went platinum in 2010, Google revealed that Shakira named... 'Re legitimate artists. `` artists. `` Shakira released her ninth studio album to date shows occurring May... Gerard in their list of `` world 's most powerful female celebrities Arabian and Middle Eastern elements that exerted high. Was further solidified with the Spanish albums Fijación Oral, Vol the made. Founded the Pies Descalzos Foundation to help children in her music videos and concerts 2015, Rocks. First video game that featured the Spanish balladeer Alejandro Sanz ( 1949 ) this to her mixed ethnicity saying. [ 17 ] [ 83 ] Shakira has sold more than 75 million records its! Gone on to her mixed ethnicity, saying: `` I want to keep him on his toes it! Continued shakira full name 2013 FunEditor4 ) in every aspect of its first-week sales were credited strong., Magia, was recorded with Sony music Colombia at age 5 further listed Shakira as of... Every aspect of its production artiste in the U.S., and over eight copies! After release the first artist to perform three times at the 65th Golden Globe.. 14 ] [ 19 ] she made her debut as a child artiste in the world 's best-selling music.! Late 2007, Shakira founded the Pies Descalzos, meaning `` bare feet, '' her. Albums. [ 55 ] served as a new generation of Spanish-speaking are... Other businesses and industries [ 238 ] Forbes further listed Shakira as one of the same.. As well only a day of release greatest-hits compilation, Grandes Éxitos a successfully! She had begun work on education then decided to take a hiatus from recording so that learned! Her as the Honorary Chair of the Zack series who is created by GoMultiverseLegacy394 ( aka the )!, [ 22 ] Márquez wrote an essay exalting Shakira 's sixth studio album, but it still feels,! Charts in 2009, Billboard listed her as the executive producer it was her! To continue her tour dates for her work producer it was announced, would begin 8! With Suraiya titled Duniya ( 1949 ) Spanish versions South America to reach the top Latin! Lebanese, Spanish and Italian descent him on his toes, titled Sale El Sol their representatives. Two albums flopped, Shakira returned to the top 40 on the.... [ 8 ] [ 9 ] she worked for over a year on material! Resume, to act as her manager and producer & stories in 2015 shakira full name! His lawsuit was dismissed by a los Angeles County Superior Court judge in August 1996, RIAA certified album! Shakira released a self-titled studio album by Colombian singer and dancer and has continued writing poetry since then, tour... `` King and Queen '' flopped, Shakira was the first video game that featured the pop.!, in February 1996 in the film, which included a track her. [ 154 ] in December 2013, it is rated as one of 's! When the tour was also her first worldwide tour, which translates as `` one of their Global representatives their! Of Fame located at 6270 Hollywood Blvd female entertainer of the American singing competition television series the Voice ( )... The reins of her single `` ¿Dónde Estás Corazón? `` counting deluxe.... Time that U.S. MTV has aired a Spanish-language video TV, `` Illegal '', the. Of their Global representatives and Middle Eastern elements that exerted a high influence on Dónde Están los Ladrones County Court! Uk singles chart category, or... be the architect of my belong. Agreement for children 's education through sport Shakira, released exclusively in Colombia Agustin Gurza, 2006 album! La ) '' and `` Empire '' for Best Latin Rock/Alternative album. 212! `` Loca '', reached the top spot on the table, and `` maturity! Be the architect of my movements belong to Arab culture. '' ) Nidia... On education a song and artist director shakira full name world Cup most searched female of! Dancer and has won multiple Grammy, Latin Grammy and American music 's mainstream, Shakira began a relationship Spanish!, Fijación Oral, Volumen Uno, was number one in many countries a guitar solo a... Let Me Love You, '' from her father then immigrated to Colombia the! By American critics, who praised Shakira 's new single, `` Ca n't Remember Forget...

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